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Ushio Europe is the market leading provider of speciality lighting products and solutions. The entire Ushio range encompasses fully customisable discharge and incandescent filament lamps, record-breaking laser diodes, and the world’s most powerful LED chips. Many of the products provided by Ushio are handmade and can be built to order with any specific client requirements taken into account at the point of design and manufacture.

Alongside the lighting apparatus listed in the categories below, Ushio produces many optional ancillary devices such as power supplies to support chemical, medical, and scientific applications, or lamp houses that spread or focus radiation emissions.

Ushio provides top quality solutions to the explicit needs of its customers and has been spreading its expertise in the world of light for decades. After incorporating in 1964, Ushio’s initial focus on xenon short arc lamps for cinema projectors and billboard illumination successfully opened new avenues for the blossoming company to explore.

From developing Japan’s first halogen lamp to pioneering the development of UV curing and disinfection equipment, Ushio is a name that has grown to be trusted by leaders of academia, commercial enterprise, and industrial development, as well as policymakers and state administered agencies across the world.

Find your solution within the Ushio Application Laboratory network

The products and solutions provided by Ushio are developed in a way that could be regarded as special when compared to other lighting firms. Rather than simply seeking out existing needs or problems and attempting to find a solution, Ushio draws on its own historical experience to create entirely new markets and find solutions for the needs of the future, as well as the present. This is what separates Ushio from the other entities occupying smaller portions of the specialist lighting market.

Thanks to the emergence of new technologies by Ushio, it soon became clear that simply selling the devices to the growing market was not enough. Instead, Ushio made a firm commitment to assist its clients in procuring the best possible result for their business. By constructing a global network of Application Laboratories, Ushio is pleased to welcome all clients to test out each and every solution in simulated real-world conditions, alongside experts who are dedicated to specific product lines, applications, and wavelengths.

After successfully creating the Ushio Techno Labs in Yokohama, Harima, and Gotemba, Ushio Inc. built its first Innovation Lab at the global headquarters in Tokyo. The inaugural European Infrared Application Laboratory was established at the Ushio Deutschland manufacturing plant in Steinhöring, Germany. With the sole purpose of testing and experimenting with IR solutions, the facility allowed Ushio Europe to extend its service beyond the provision of products.

Ushio was introduced to the market as a total solution provider that packages its proprietary technology with technical consultation, design guidance, in-line process adaptation, and full implementation support. Following the success of the IR facility in Germany, the same site expanded further to include UV and Excimer Application Laboratories.

Can’t get to the Infrared Application Lab? Bring the Lab to your business!

Aside from the time constraints and material supply issues that can face any venture from time to time, Ushio understands that getting yourself and your testing materials to our bespoke testing facilities can pose a logistical challenge. To evade that obstacle, Ushio began developing products designed to assist your own on-site exploration of solutions.

Product lines such as the IRtenser allow you to bring modular Ushio systems straight into a laboratory or production line environment. While these devices are not usually a distinct solution, they do allow R&D departments to experiment with different options and form their own opinions on which final Ushio product they wish to purchase.

Ushio Europe is devoted to bringing light to life, and is equipped to facilitate the determined and the curious in finding the right option for each unique request. By imparting the pinnacle of research knowledge from across the light spectrum and implementing it directly into your business, Ushio is ready to foster a long term partnership with each and every client.

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