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Ushio Europe is the market leading provider of speciality lighting products and solutions. The entire USHIO range encompasses fully customisable discharge and incandescent filament lamps, record-breaking laser diodes, and the world’s most powerful LED chips. Many of the products provided by USHIO are handmade and can be built to order with any specific client requirements taken into account at the point of design and manufacture.

Alongside the lighting apparatus listed in the categories below, USHIO produces many optional ancillary devices such as power supplies to support chemical, medical, and scientific applications, or lamp houses that spread or focus radiation emissions.

USHIO provides top quality solutions to the explicit needs of its customers and has been spreading its expertise in the world of light for decades. After incorporating in 1964, USHIO’s initial focus on xenon short arc lamps for cinema projectors and billboard illumination successfully opened new avenues for the blossoming company to explore.

From developing Japan’s first halogen lamp to pioneering the development of UV curing and disinfection equipment, USHIO is a name that has grown to be trusted by leaders of academia, commercial enterprise, and industrial development, as well as policymakers and state administered agencies across the world.

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