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Applications of Light

Ushio Europe manufactures high quality light sources which enable its customers to achieve the best possible results for a multitude of applications. The Ushio philosophy insists that the development of these solutions should not focus solely on the current industries of today, but also nurture and inspire the industries of the future. This attitude to meeting requirements fosters a culture that allows Ushio engineers to produce systems that suit academics, creatives, commercial enterprise, researchers, and OEMs, as well as applications confined to industrial settings.

Find the solution with Ushio

It is impossible to make an exhaustive list of light possibilities. Telling Ushio what you wish to achieve is enough for a solution to be found within the world of light. Here are some examples of applications which Ushio has already identified as areas of expertise:

Our illumination is your command

The Research and Development team at Ushio actively seeks out opportunities to work together with global innovators, creating the very applications and solutions that will launch humanity into the next technological age. For many of those innovators, Ushio is the epitome of how experience gets things done. True experience means listening, working together, and recognising when a suitable solution already exists. The client supplies their needs and goals, so if needs remain, Ushio will craft a bespoke light source to suit the application at hand.

Our illumination is your command – skyscrapers, billboards, and movie screens trigger awe. Surface science is second nature – polymerisation, photobonding, and coatings uphold strength in production. Heating is made simple – spot welding, thermosetting, and fibre winding. The potential applications for light are so vast that the only limitations are those of your imagination. As one of the most powerful forces in the universe, mastering the control and utilisation of light as a tool has been Ushio’s goal since the beginning.

Ushio Europe IR solutions are implemented across a wide range of industrial applications

Mastering applications with the Ushio Application Laboratory network

The light applications mastered by Ushio are solutions that are developed in a way that could be regarded as special when compared to other lighting firms. Ushio has studied with and worked alongside industry leaders to find a lighting solution for every application. Ushio draws on its long-standing experience to create entirely new solutions for the needs of the future, as well as the present. Through collaboration and co-operation

Thanks to the emergence of new technologies by Ushio, it soon became clear that simply selling the devices to the growing market was not enough. Instead, Ushio made a firm commitment to assist its clients in procuring the best possible result for their business. By constructing a global network of Application Laboratories, Ushio is pleased to welcome all clients to test out each and every solution in simulated real-world conditions, alongside experts who are dedicated to specific product lines, applications, and wavelengths.

Applying technological prowess to innovative applications

After successfully creating the Ushio Techno Labs in Yokohama, Harima, and Gotemba, Ushio Inc. built its first Innovation Lab at the global headquarters in Tokyo. The inaugural European Infrared Application Laboratory was established at the Ushio Deutschland manufacturing plant in Steinhöring, Germany. With the sole purpose of testing and experimenting with IR solutions, the facility allowed Ushio Europe to extend its service beyond the provision of products.

Ushio was introduced to the market as a total solution provider that packages Ushio’s proprietary technology with technical consultation, design guidance, in-line process adaptation, and full implementation support. Following the success of the IR facility in Germany, the same site expanded further to include UV and Excimer Innovation Laboratories.

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