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Semiconductor and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing

USHIO has become a titan of the semiconductor production market, defining industry standards while increasing market share and combining its long-standing experience with that of major semiconductor component manufacturers. We are a supplier of reliable, high-performance consumables and equipment for all process steps, starting with wafer manufacturing and lithography processes, right up to packaging, assembly, and inspection. Our focus is the production of zero-failure solutions with optimised cost efficiency in the fields of lithographyRTP (rapid thermal processing)cleaninginspection, and measurement.

Depending on which process you wish to achieve, USHIO will be happy to call on its unmatched experience across the entire light spectrum to recommend the right ultraviolet (UV), vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV), or infrared (IR) emitter. Click the icons below to explore the semiconductor and printed circuit board (PCB) processes which USHIO is able to assist you with.

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