Our passion for light creates impressive high-quality solutions for you.

Since 1964 USHIO has earned a worldwide reputation as a specialist in industrial light sources, from ultraviolet to infrared and everything in between. Our products can be found in locations as diverse as your future smartphone or the BepiColombo Science Mission to Mercury. Whether it’s by entertaining a cinema audience, simplifying any medical procedure while being doctor’s right hand or disinfecting ballast water for cleaner seas, we are proud to contributing towards making people happier and healthier.

Working in a wide range of industries for more than fifty years has given us a unique combination of experience and technical expertise. Everything we make is developed in response to a client’s individual requirements. Our flexible production process allows

us to provide tailor-made solutions that cover everything from a light source to systems and software. Indeed, many of our products are built by hand to make it easier to customise products to a single application.

However, it’s not products we offer our clients, but solutions. If you come to us with a question, we will work closely alongside you, sharing advice and information to ensure you receive efficient, sustainable high quality lighting solutions that go beyond your expectations.

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