May 29th 2017

Ushio Europe

Since its inception in 1964, USHIO has garnered a worldwide reputation as the specialist in industrial light sources. Crossing the entire light spectrum from UV to visible to infrared and SWIR, USHIO solutions can be found in diverse range of products, from xenon short arc lamps in cinema projectors, and excimer solutions in water dispensers, to life-saving medical devices. We are in the business of making the kind of critical advancements that drive industrial evolution, we take vital roles in production of the latest smartphones and the testing phase of space exploration. USHIO is a proud contributor and firm proponent for building a more advanced, happier and healthier society.

Bring Light To Life

USHIO deliver bespoke, high-quality solutions

However, it is not products that USHIO specialises in, but rather solutions. USHIO has amassed a wealth of in- house specialist knowledge and localised expertise, irrespective of its global operation, which is paramount for providing lighting solutions that travel way beyond expectations.

Simplifying complex processes and fostering partnerships for the long haul is at the heart of what we do. Our tried and tested approach is to listen to your ideas and to work together with you in developing world-class bespoke solutions. Our technology enables.