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ExciJet172 55-130 lab-scale system

Excimer ExciJet172 55-130 lab-scale system

The ExciJet172 55-130 module is a very small Excimer module for testing purposes in laboratory facilities. It allows customers to treat substrates under real conditions either in our own excimer application laboratory or on site. The small dimensions of the module allow easy and flexible installation in test set-ups or pilot lines.
The ExciJet 172 55-130 Excimer module is suitable for test purposes for both inline and stationary treatments and can be borrowed depending on needs and general conditions.


  • Compact size of 210 x 125 x 115 mm
  • Handy and flexible to use
  • Easy to integrate into existing setups
  • Available as a rental unit with USB control
  • Quartz window for high purity environments

Technical data ExciJet172 55-130

  • Wavelength (nm): 172
  • Intensity (mW/cm²): > 10
  • Lamp lifetime: (70 % in h): 1000
  • Irradiation size (mm): 90 x 130
  • Number of excimer emitters: 2
  • Constant intensity mode: not available
  • Power consumption (W): 80

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