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UV Lithography

USHIO offers a complete range of UV lithography solutions suitable for all major photolithography equipment manufacturers. Our business supplies highly reliable lamp solutions to optimise the cost of ownership in the semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) production process: long-life products combined with high intensity technologies guarantee a cost-efficient and high throughput production process.

USHIO’s lighting solutions are widely used during the exposure phase of the process, in which manufacturers project IC patterns onto a substrate by focusing ultraviolet wavelength radiation through a photomask, onto a photosensitive chemical layer called a photoresist.

What is Lithography?

UV lithography or photolithography is the microfabrication process used to print minute geometric patterns on to a semiconductor wafer for the mass production of integrated circuits (IC) and computer chips. In conventional photolithography, the process flow is as follows:

USHIO provides UV lamp solutions for the exposure stage of UV lithography in the production of integrated circuits
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