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Digital Cinema Projector (DCP) Lamps

Controlling a colossal share of the global market in digital cinema projector (DCP) lamps, the likelihood is that you have enjoyed the premium quality of Ushio’s xenon short arc technology without even realising it. Taking on such a huge piece of a market like this also brings a huge amount of responsibility. For over half a century, Ushio has worked tirelessly alongside the biggest technical names in the industry to ensure the studio’s visions are displayed flawlessly on screen. Ushio Europe B.V. further cemented its influential position within the industry by acquiring Christie, an Academy Award-winning projector manufacturer, in 1992. Christie, now known as Christie Digital Systems, Inc., later emerged as a major player in the DCP market, taking home a second technical achievement Oscar in 1998. As the digital revolution began to take hold, the Ushio Group took advantage of its own long-standing analogue cinema and large venue expertise by applying it to the new digital age.

Click one of the icons below to have a closer look at our DXL, DXL-L, and DXL-LU series lamps, or scroll on down to learn about Ushio’s role in the world of digital cinema projection.

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