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Cinema Projector Lamp Technology

Xenon short arc projector lamps for the best quality: from 35 mm to IMAX 3D

Ushio Europe is a longstanding ally of the worldwide cinema industry, and a pioneer in the manufacture of top quality xenon cinema projector lamps. With a huge selection of lamps built to the highest specifications, Ushio is able to furnish every one of your screens with the vivid and clear images which your audience expects.

Over the course of our history, we have taken great pride in our devotion to the development of lamps for cinema projectors. Ushio was the first manufacturer worldwide to make high wattage xenon short arc lamps specifically for use in cinemas. Cinema operators and major projector manufacturers quickly realised that we deliver the best equipment on the market, and continue to do so, over half a century later.

To this day, every single Ushio cinema projector lamp is certified by top lamp-based cinema projector manufacturers such as BARCO, CHRISTIE, NEC, and SONY.

Ushio’s Cinema Projector Lamp Collection

With Ushio you always have a choice; from the conventional short arc xenon lamp for 35 mm film projection, to the long-life digital L-series lamps, or our latest digital breakthrough, the LUMINITY DXL-LU series. We place no significance on whether our customers require a low power lamp for a single screen art house, or a selection of film, digital, and giant screen setups for an entire theatre chain of 25 screen multiplexes.

The sheer scale of Ushio’s involvement in the cinema industry has led to over 50% of the world’s lamp-based screens featuring Ushio xenon cinema projection solutions. In Europe alone, if you went only once to the cinema in the last 25 – 30 years, there is an 65% chance that the movie was projected using one of our lamps. Cinema owners and projector manufacturers choose Ushio quality for high, life-long DCI compliant brightness.

Analogue Projector Lamps

  • UXL: Designed to preserve the glory of 35 mm film projection, these lamps are durable and reliable, with power ranges from 500 W to 10,000 W.
  • UXL-H: These high-efficiency lamps are customised to allow the choice between a lifespan extension of 50%, or calibration to blast 30% more lumens onto the screen.
  • UXW: These high-pressure xenon short arc lamps are our only water cooled cinema lamps to date, capable of input power ranging from 10,000 W to 30,000 W. They are trusted by IMAX® as the gold standard in giant screen cinema projection solutions, and are even powerful enough for solar simulation experiments performed by the European (ESA) and Japanese (JAXA) space agencies.

Digital Projector Lamps

  • DXL: When you simply need raw power, fire up the projector and let this lamp series do the rest. This series of lamps played a key part in the official world record for brightest digital cinema projector, when the DXL-70BA lamp enabled a BARCO team to achieve an impressive 43,000 lumens on a 4 m2 screen.
  • DXL-L: Long lifetime, low maintenance, and minimal lamp replacements. Every DXL model can be exchanged for a long life DXL-L model and are the first option offer to our clients when they are looking for low operating costs and low maintenance as their primary goals.
  • DXL-LU: The new kid on the block, the LUMINITY series, offers up to 500 additional warranty hours. These lamps usher in a new era of unprecedented quality and profitability for cinema owners. The new DXL-LU series takes the concept of long lamp lifetimes to the extreme, by refusing to sacrifice performance to achieve it.
Ushio Digital Cinema Projector Lamp Comparison Graph

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