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Cinema Projector Lamp Technology

Xenon short arc projector lamps for the best quality: from 35mm to IMAX 3D

Ushio Europe is a longstanding ally of the worldwide cinema industry, and a pioneer in the manufacture of top quality xenon cinema projector lamps. With a huge selection of lamps built to the highest specifications, USHIO is able to furnish every one of your screens with the vivid and clear images which your audience expects.

Over the course of our history, we have taken great pride in our devotion to the development of lamps for cinema projectors. USHIO was the first manufacturer worldwide to make high wattage xenon short arc lamps specifically for use in cinemas. Cinema operators and major projector manufacturers quickly realised that we deliver the best equipment on the market, and continue to do so, over half a century later.

To this day, every single USHIO cinema projector lamp is certified by top lamp-based cinema projector manufacturers such as BARCO, CHRISTIE, NEC, and SONY.

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