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Infrared Application Lab: Ushio’s “total solutions” portfolio

Infrared Application Laboratory offered by Ushio in the total solutions portfolio

As part of the portfolio of solutions that are currently offered by Ushio, customers are able to utilise an in-house, bespoke Infrared (IR) Application Lab to test IR applications, hone application designs, achieve insight and technical knowledge, and pave the way for ground-breaking innovation within IR applications.

The Infrared Application Laboratory, based at Ushio Deutschland GmbH in Steinhöring, is a labour of intensive in-house research, conceptualisation and design. The lab enables Ushio to offer its customers a full package, total solution from product to consultation, and unparalleled in-house expertise all under one roof. The project, spearheaded by Dr. Matthias Brandstetter, Technical Development Manager IR at Ushio’s German site, is an opening for customers to improve their existing Infrared designs, optimise existing Infrared processes and thoroughly analyse Infrared performance under laboratory testing conditions. As part of Ushio’s laboratory package, the customer can benefit from the expert guidance and consultation of Ushio’s dedicated technical team who have an unrivalled knowledge of IR heating radiation and IR process technology.

“Creating something remarkable, together.”

“Ushio is wholly committed to creating partnerships with customers, developing and strengthening relationships and achieving a deeper understanding of exactly what it is that the customer requires. The IR Application Lab is just one example which illustrates this perfectly. We work together with customers to identify a weak spot or just a general area for improvement and then further collaborate to create something that is remarkable, together. The lab is a platform for collaboration and joint investigation and analysis of IR processes providing various setups that emulate customer production environments. This simulation environment is the catalyst to perform experiments which can rarely be realised at the customers own environment. We recently worked together with a customer and used the IR Application Lab as a tool to investigate their current IR processes and the results were truly fantastic; through analysis driven optimisation, more than double the previous performance was eventually achieved.” Says Dr. Brandstetter.

Ushio IR Application Lab equipped with a conveyor belt system and 2D scanning device

The lab houses an adjustable conveyor belt system used to transport customer materials and products, capable of mounting various types of Ushio IR equipment.  Furthermore, a 2D scanning device allowing the measurement of radiation patterns of IR lamps and IR modules in 2 dimensions enables the investigation, analysis and optimisation of IR equipment designs. For acquisition, visualisation and analysis of measurement data, the IR application lab is equipped with an array of sensors and detection tools.

“We have found that 1-2 days is adequate time for testing in the laboratory, resulting in significant process improvements for the customer whilst simultaneously reducing development efforts on the customer’s part.” Explains Dr. Brandstetter

The laboratory portfolio is growing in line with demand for this highly specialised service

The IR Application Laboratory is just one of the facilities that are available at the German site in Steinhöring for use along with other testing facilities for conventional UV and UV-LED. A plan to offer a further Excimer/VUV testing laboratory is in the planning for the end of 2018, due to a growing demand for this specialised service offered by Ushio.

For more information on how Ushio can collaborate and work together with you to achieve excellence through use of the IR Application Lab, please contact Thomas Haider at



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