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PureRelease, an USHIO excimer story: When clean doesn’t cut it

The excimer power of PureRelease is causing ripples in the water dispensation industry

The water dispenser market is booming, but not every user can be sure the pipes that pump in their beverage are completely free of bacteria and other potentially harmful contagions. Ushio understands this concern better than anyone else and that’s why it is committed to providing water disinfection technology that alleviates these worries for good. With the easy integration of the PureRelease and the ever-reliable UV power of excimer, companies of any size can experience A-grade hygiene levels, today. Ushio is also paving the way for new innovation in disinfection as it develops in-house PureRelease-based beverage solutions for other markets, including marine vessels and recreational vehicles.

“We’ve been working with some of the biggest names in the European water dispenser market for some time now, and we’ve seen a significant growth in the demand for units that utilise Ushio excimer with an installed PureRelease device. The unparalleled disinfection performance of excimer has enabled us to support OEMs with a module that effortlessly integrates into their product portfolios, while meeting the high standards of their respective customers.”
– Igor Nagorski, Business Development Manager, Ushio Europe B.V.

Modern water dispensers have come a long way in recent years, but there are still many problems that can affect those using water tanks and taps. The water itself might be clean, but harmful bacteria such as legionella can build up within internal pipes and pollute the beverage passing through it. Filters and in-line UV units can help, but they are not 100% reliable, and it is this deficiency that drove Ushio to develop PureRelease: a compact device that is already being embraced by leading manufacturers of water dispensers.

PureRelease Water Disinfection – When clean truly means clean

Simple, coal-active filters are ideal for removing macroparticles, but harmful bacteria can often slip through. Mercury-based versions are usually installed in-line, treating water at the midway point of the dispensation process, so there is always potential for bacteria to accumulate in subsequent piping during the remainder of the process. Furthermore, mercury is considered far from environmentally friendly and presents some serious purification concerns, but PureRelease is the solution that addresses all of these contamination matters in a single, innovative unit. 100% mercury-free and environmentally safe, PureRelease leverages the unparalleled UV cleaning power of Ushio excimer to ensure every drop of water is safe & ready to drink. With instant disinfection at the point of dispensation, the PureRelease module is installed at the final step in the process to ensure that your glass receives the purest water possible.

Ushio designed PureRelease to be compact in size, which makes this solution appealing and commercially viable to OEM partners. Aesthetically versatile for any OEM, the design affords engineers the freedom to integrate the module without sacrificing the stylistic DNA of their own dispensers. It is inexpensive to operate, simple to integrate, and easy to switch on/off, making PureRelease the beverage purification that the market, OEMs, and end users needed. For sensitive, rigorously standard-compliant environments such as hospitals, care homes, and airports, a built-in signal notifies the user when a filter needs changing, ensuring the disinfection cycle is continuously 100% effective, much to the satisfaction of OEM quality control teams and designers. The PureRelease flexibility allows for design changes, its reliability secures outstanding quality.

The excimer difference – Ushio’s water cleaning innovation wonder

By positioning the PureRelease device at the point of dispensation, the need for additional piping is removed, while its use of 242nm VUV is extremely effective against bacteria. PureRelease benefits from instant on/off technology, so there is no delay between purification and dispensation. Now end users can save time and energy in one go.

The Ushio excimer technology works with strong vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) light energy, by means of lamps filled with noble gases that are pressured by high-energy electrons, enabling dispensers to remove any form of organic contamination with the safe application of excimer irradiation. Regardless of flow, PureRelease handles small volumes of hot or cold water, as well as rendering a capacity to disinfect up to 4 litres per minute. Originally designed for use in laboratories, it provides a means for water dispenser manufacturers to leverage the clinical cleaning power of excimer in any of their original product designs. Excimer is extremely versatile and has already been rolled out across multiple industry verticals, providing OEMs with the means to incorporate this groundbreaking concept with ease.


Water dispenser OEMs need a reliable and safe disinfection solution that remedies the inherent flaws of modern filters.


The Ushio PureRelease module, utilising excimer technology, enables OEMs to quickly and efficiently purify water in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Project run?

2017 – present

Why excimer and PureRelease?

  • Compact
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Cost-efficient

Why Ushio?

  • Innovative
  • Standard-compliant
  • OEM partner of choice

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