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Ballast Water Treatment and Management

The presence of micro-organisms in maritime vessels’ ballast water tanks leads to the introduction of alien species all over the world. With the increase of international trade, problems related to invasive species are also on the rise. As such, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has responded and introduced a resolution that will be ratified in October 2020.

By using a combination of mechanic filtering and specially-developed UV long-arc mercury lamps operated by advanced power supplies from USHIO, ballast water can be successfully cleaned. The high efficiency of the lamps and power supplies combines with longer lifespan to reduce operating costs for the treatment system operator.

IMO introduce G8 Ballast Water Treatment System approval regulations

The Guidelines for the approval of ballast water treatment systems (G8) was originally defined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2005. At that stage, environmentally hazardous chemicals or energy-consuming pump displacement methods dominated ballast water treatment.

Ushio set about developing a solution which was both chemical-free and energy-efficient, with a target of producing lamps to surpass the new G8 requirements ahead of schedule by eliminating those problems entirely.

The legislation, which sought to standardise testing procedures, was later found to be too vague and “open to interpretation”. A fundamental revision took place in 2016, with the goal of harmonising the way treatment processes are defined and regulated.

It was subsequently announced that the updated, stricter IMO G8 rules would be in effect as of 28 October 2020. From that day forward, shipping vessels with inadequate ballast water treatment systems installed on or after that date are blocked from entering 95% of the world’s ports.

At the centre of the new legislation, the IMO declared that ballast water treatment systems must be able to significantly reduce the presence of “viable organisms” by inactivating their “ability to successfully generate new individuals in order to reproduce the species”.

Ushio unveil the solutions to haul shippers into BWT compliance

With less than one year to go before the revised IMO deadline, the marine industry is facing a race against time to get its house in order. Since placing an enhanced focus on research & development strategy ahead of time, Ushio’s proven UV disinfection technology is ready to be installed at the centre of your ballast water treatment device.

Furthermore, our reputation for top level communication skills and reliable delivery has already guaranteed our position as a solution development powerhouse for shipping magnates around the world.

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