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Excimer Lamp Modules

Excimer Lamps: ExciJet VUV Irradiation Modules

Ushio’s flagship excimer irradiation series, ExciJet, emits customisable vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) wavelengths between 170 nm and 350 nm. By varying the noble gas filling inside the lamp, the ideal wavelength can be achieved in accordance with your chosen application.

For example, an ExciJet excimer lamp filled with xenon (Xe) gas will mostly emit 172 nm vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) radiation when the excited dimers dissociate. Irradiating substrates with the dominant 172 nm excimer wavelength brings a solution for many industrial applications such as surface activation. A krypton-chloride (KrCl) filled lamp will emit Far-UVC photons with a wavelength peak at 222 nm during excimer dissociation. 222 nm has gained signification popularity for its usability in ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) applications; however, Ushio recommends the proprietary Care222 UV disinfection lamp for that specific usage.

Excimer technology is increasingly used for organic contamination removal, surface modification, and cold polymer cross-linking. Ushio’s compact ExciJet excimer discharge lamps are especially suited to laboratory use, process development, and integration into existing industrial production lines. Larger ExciJet systems are optimised for production environments where high-speed processing is required over a greater surface area.

Ushio’s 172 nm lamps have already established significant interest from industries such as aerospace and automotive. Dielectric barrier discharge excimer lamps are also known to bond certain materials without epoxy or other chemicals.

Many businesses across a wide range of fields have already embraced excimer as an effective in-line solution. Where ExciJet has been installed in a production environment or integrated as a single component in an OEM system, Ushio has gained praise from a number of key industry leaders. We have worked with two satisfied customers to illustrate how Ushio’s excimer team operates and remains at your disposal:

Fraunhofer ILT (Institute for Laser Technology) – PhotonFlex project
SteriLux SA – The SteriLux sterilisation system


  • Optical surface cleaning
  • Surface activation / surface treatment: improved surface wettability; lower surface-liquid contact angles; increased adhesion for inks, paints, and glues
  • Photochemistry
  • Pre-treatment for coating of composite materials
  • Photobonding™ materials together to facilitate weight reduction. This process is entirely adhesive-free, using a combination of excimer light and high-pressure to create a permanently bond between substrate surfaces
  • Surface matting with high homogeneity
  • Disinfection & removal of contaminants such as dust
  • Curing and polymerisation
  • Biological modification of gases, liquids, and solids
  • Ozone production

Customise your excimer lamp

  • Ushio provides a wide variety of products, covering basic research tools, standard sources, and integrated systems optimised for your specific production requirements
  • Concept evaluation tools
  • Wide-area exposure sources
  • In-line device components
  • Broad length options & dimmable power ranges: 55 mm 9 W lamp up to 2 kW with the 2,600 mm lamp
  • Unlimited lamp capacity, each individually calibrated for different spectra examination
  • Phosphor-generated wavelengths from 170 nm – 350 nm


  • High energy ensured by short wavelength
  • Cold light source
  • Static-free, chemical-free, and mercury-free
  • No external power supply required
  • Suitable for use on sensitive substrates such as films and foils
  • Facilitation of line spectra and broad distribution
  • Instant on / off functionality without heating or cooling cycles
  • Compact size of ExciJet modules enables enhanced manoeuvrability
  • Easy control system and built-in power supply
  • Scalability allows for potentially unlimited lamps & modules
  • Compact, customisable plug-and-play modules for laboratory testing
  • Robust, dimmable, mobile solutions for industrial applications
  • High homogeneity and optimisation for the manufacture of semiconductors
  • VUV output of over 170 mW/cm2cleans up to 300 m/min during LED panel production
  • Development & production satisfaction supplemented by an expert after-care team

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Fraunhofer ILT (Institute for Laser Technology) – PhotonFlex project

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