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Beyond the visible spectrum

USHIO has earned its worldwide reputation by developing products that integrate state-of-the-art lighting technologies and designs with the specific application needs of industry-leading clients in a wide range of fields: from cinema projection, semiconductors and office automation, to biotechnology and medicine.

With about 5,700 employees and an annual turnover of nearly €1.5 billion, the USHIO group is one of the world’s leading providers of lighting-edge technology products. Its high-end production and quality management processes comply with ISO 9001 certification. Furthermore, USHIO is acting sustainably to save our shared environment and is verified by ISO 14001.

USHIO’s spectral solutions include a wide range of gas discharge and halogen lamps designed to meet the precise needs of diverse applications. Because of this and our customized, high-tech innovations, the ESA has again selected USHIO as a trusted partner in the BepiColombo Science Mission to Mercury.

Our mission
As the world’s ‘light solution’ company, our aim is to utilize light to make an almost unlimited number of processes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our ambition
To use ‘light’ to contribute to the development of a better world and to the improvement of people’s lives.