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Ushio presents brand new UV Solutions at the Adhesives & Bonding Expo

At the Adhesives & Bonding Expo, taking place December 05 – 07 at Messe Stuttgart, Ushio – Hall 1 Stand 926 – will focus on its UV LED solutions, which are suitable for precise, fast curing of UV-drying inks, lacquers, coatings, and adhesives as well as for bonding applications.

As a highlight, Ushio will introduce the brand new UniCube and MIDORI™ series, as well as an UV meter, all scheduled for release until end of 2023 in Europe.

UniCube Series for Batch Curing

The UniCube series offers breakthrough performance for batch irradiation. It is the world’s first LED module that can irradiate areas from 50 mm x 50 mm to 400 mm x 400 mm in a single batch. Ushio’s unique four-way coupling technology achieves high intensity, which in turn enables uniform curing of the entire area. This results in stable manufacturing processes and improved product quality. In addition, the UniCube series is characterised by its easy maintenance and long-lasting, stable performance.

MIDORI™ Series for Spot Curing

The MIDORI™ UV Spot Cure LED Light Source has already proven itself in the USA. The Midori™ ULB-50sc series UV (365nm) and UVV (405nm) LED light sources are premier fiber optic illuminators for spot curing adhesives or coating applications where bench space is a premium. This feature-rich solid-state light source is extremely compact, energy efficient and easy to use. It is compatible with most existing lamp-based system processes and outperforms them in terms of cost-effective photo-curing solutions.

Both product lines, the UniCube and MIDORI™ series, can be used in combination with Ushio’s UniJet modules (light source for line curing). This supports applications such as battery cell and automotive panel bonding, as well as numerous other processes. In addition, the MIDORI™ series is also used in lens production and coatings to make curing processes more effective.

UniJet Series for Line Curing

Besides these highlights, Ushio will present its newly optimized UV LED high power unit UniJet iIV and UniJet iC series, characterized by a compact and lightweight design, dimmable output, stable peak irradiance, and homogeneous radiation distribution as well as a service life of over 10,000 hours. All modules are available with different UV doses and intensities and in various standard sizes.

Ushio’s UniJet UV LED modules offer an effective alternative to UV curing with conventional ultraviolet lamps. Often used for curing UV-reactive inks, lacquers, and coatings, UV LEDs are particularly well-suited to applications that involve adhesives, potting compounds, and in printing applications.

Typical applications include inkjet printing processes and curing of surface coatings or finishes. Ushio UniJet UV LED technology is used in high-quality graphic prints, printed electronics, battery assembly, and many others, such as security features in bank notes.

Ushio has decades of experience and invests continuously in research and development. The company covers the complete spectrum of air-cooled UV-LED curing technology ranging from compact, efficient and precise units to cutting edge performance and large-scale devices.

Excimer Technology for Surface Treatment and Bonding Processes

Apart from the range of UV LED modules, Ushio will present its Excimer technology for surface treatment, a process that might be indispensable before adhesive and bonding production steps.

Surface treatment is a radiation-based process for surface cleaning, surface activation and surface bonding, which can be applied to a wide variety of materials such as plastics, glass or metals. In contrast to other methods, excimer irradiation is particularly precise, uniform and gentle and is, therefore, especially suitable for sensitive surfaces, such as membranes or wafers. Ushio offers two excimer product series: the Hyper V series, which is specially designed for inline treatments and the SUE series, which has been optimised for stationary irradiation.

With its ExciJet172 55-130 module Ushio offers a very small Excimer module for testing purposes in laboratory facilities. It allows customers to treat substrates under real conditions either in our own excimer application laboratory or on site. The small dimensions of the module allow easy and flexible installation in test set-ups or pilot lines.

UIT-700 – Accumulated UV Meter

Finally, Ushio is proud to present the UIT-700, an advanced UV meter renowned for its exceptional functionality, capable of measuring a broad range from 0.1 µW/cm² to 25 W/cm², within a single unit. The UIT series, a benchmark in the field of ultraviolet measurements, has earned its reputation as the de facto standard, having served thousands of discerning customers in the Japanese electronics industry.

Today, there is a growing imperative to mitigate environmental impact across diverse sectors. This impetus has led to an increasing utilization of UV LED light sources over conventional UV lamps. Moreover, the predominant focus on the longevity of lamps has shifted towards prioritizing irradiance efficiency. Consequently, there is a surging demand for dependable UV measurement instruments. In response to these requirements, Ushio is proud to announce a comprehensive overhaul of the UIT-700 model.

The upgraded UIT-700 incorporates a touch panel interface, enhancing both usability and visibility, while also facilitating seamless connectivity with mobile devices such as personal computers and tablets. Historically, Ushio’s UIT module found primary application in the realms of electronics and semiconductors. However, it is now ideally positioned to establish benchmarks in a wide array of different industrial sectors.

Find our Ushio experts in Hall 1 at Stand 926 to discuss how we can help you to scale up your processes in adhesives & bonding applications. We look forward to meeing you in Stuttgart!