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Formnext 2022 hosts Ushio’s “We Will Heat You Up!” campaign with IR and UV solutions

Ushio Europe B.V., a prominent industrial lighting manufacturer, has announced that it will be exhibiting at Formnext, the foremost industry platform for Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D printing, taking place on 15–18 November 2022. Visitors to Messe Frankfurt (am Main) hall 11.1, stand F33 will have the opportunity to meet Ushio’s experts in heating, thermoforming, surface treatment, curing & drying solutions.

Ushio’s long tradition of electrical engineering prowess has developed the company into a major supplier of infrared and ultraviolet light sources for the Additive Manufacturing, Composite Materials, and 3D printing industries. By declaring to prospective clients “We Will Heat You Up!” the Japanese company’s portfolio is predominantly focused on heating components, with an array of infrared lamps, but also brings in crucial conventional UV and UV LED technologies.

Conventional linear infrared emitters will be on show alongside modern developments from Ushio’s European engineers based in Germany and Poland. Additionally, Ushio offers several customisable product lines for complex heating patterns, including bent infrared lamps, twin-tube heaters, and pin lamps. Customers may define the exact shape their process requires, so Ushio can provide a suitable solution that a powerful heat field can be formed to the exact specifications of the client.

Latest Infrared News

By entering into a detailed discussion with Ushio about your specific needs, our experts can design an IR lamp with your exact needs in mind. For a general overview of Ushio’s infrared lamp collection, please find our Infrared Lamps brochure on the Downloads page. For the latest products, keep reading to learn about Ushio’s most recent innovations.

When space is tight, visitors who are looking for maximum infrared heat treatment need to consider Ushio’s twin-tube IR lamps. Our German-engineered twin-tube lamps are effectively two powerful infrared emitters.

The twin-tube construction is exceptional for its mechanical robustness and stability, while the rapid heat-up time of just a few seconds makes it possible to switch the emitter on or off frequently. Ushio’s standard collection of twin-tube lamps available, but customisation is also possible. Ushio’s engineers and production teams are able to implement bespoke modifications on request, such as universal burning position, integration of ceramic reflectors, and waterproofing.

Ideal applications for Ushio infrared twin tube lamps

  • Activating adhesives
  • Drying of varnish & paper
  • Heating of composite materials
  • Heating or fusing of synthetics
  • Heating prior to flash freezing
  • Lamination & shrinking of foils
  • Photovoltaics production
  • Welding of synthetic fluid reservoirs

The high-power twin tube lamps from Ushio are available in single- or double-ended electrical contact form. With various filament designs available, you are free to select the short- (SWIR) or medium-wavelength infrared (MWIR) radiation output best suited to your application.

Visit our infrared twin tube lamp page here, or go straight to the IR twin tube lamp brochure here.

Ushio’s single-ended, pin type IR lamps are powerful, yet compact infrared radiation sources. Some models are supplied with a reflective coating to focus IR radiation in the desired direction; however, our new modular reflectors allow operators more control over each lamp’s output. As an alternative to bent IR lamps, the pin-type lamps and accompanying reflectors have been designed to accommodate universal burning positions. Not only that, there is no limit to the number of reflectors that can be linked together.

Take Full Control with infrared (IR) Pin Lamp Reflectors

Ushio’s infrared pin lamps & modular reflectors are extremely effective when used in:

  • 3D Printing
  • Complex Contour Heating
  • Fibre Placement Systems
  • Plastic Thermoforming
  • Rapid Heating
  • Riveting
  • Spot Welding

IR pin lamp reflectors offer a compact and flexible solution for uniform heating applications that involve limited installation space or require a complex heating pattern. Distinct reflector designs also allow a choice of heat distributions. For some applications, focusing the IR emissions onto a single spot is ideal, such as static heating processes. Others require the concentration of radiation into a linear beam profile, suitable for conveyor belt or zone-heating applications. Any shape, pattern, or layout can be formed to provide pin-point heating patterns.

Ushio IR pin lamp reflector specifications

  • Dimensions (spot beam): 28.8 x 25.3 x 48.2 mm
  • Dimensions (linear beam): 52 x 33 x 54 mm
  • Designed to treat substrates from a distance of 30–100 mm
  • Compatible sockets are available to fit all Ushio IR pin lamps, from 80–200 W, and various colour temperatures
  • Unlimited reflectors link together for uninterrupted irradiance
  • Achieves uniform irradiance in any shape, pattern, or layout
  • Significantly improves system efficiency and power density
  • Reflector and pin lamps burn at any angle
  • Extremely durable construction

Infrared pin-type lamp product page

IR pin lamp reflector product page

Ushio presents the EmitFit series of fittings to electrically-integrate infrared lamps. Replacing the old EasyFit line, the upgraded quick-release ceramic base allows swift lamp exchange without costing a moment of production time. This new edition reduces the footprint of mounting systems and presents significant possibility for mount customisation, allowing OEMs to devote as much space to infrared heat treatment as possible.

Ushio EmitFit - Infrared Mounting System

Ushio focuses on customised solutions, and in the case of infrared (IR), we have developed a series of infrared modules and auxiliary components that serve as basic building blocks for many typical IR processes. The infrared modules are capable of wavelengths ranging from 0.8 µm to 1.5 µm, at a power density of 200 kW/m². All Ushio infrared modules feature integrated cooling, a quick exchange mechanism for infrared lamps, and are ready for immediate use. For your IR heating needs, Ushio proudly presents the IRtenser series. Customised versions or individual solutions are available upon request.




Dimensions (mm)

Heating area (mm)

Power (kW)

Ushio IR Heater IRtenser R280

IRtenser R280

Reference IR module with high power density. Multi-spectral infrared range. IR lamps with EmitFit quick connection.




UV LED Curing Modules at Formnext 2022

Ushio’s UniJet UV LED modules offer an effective alternative to UV curing with conventional ultraviolet lamps. Often used for curing UV-reactive inks, lacquers, and coatings, UV LEDs are particularly well-suited to applications that involve adhesives, potting compounds, and in printing applications. Typical applications include inkjet printing processes and curing of surface coatings or finishes. Ushio UniJet UV LED technology is used in high-quality graphic prints, printed electronics, battery assembly, and many others, such as security features in bank notes.

Ushio has decades of experience and invests continuously in research and development. With the newly optimised UniJet UV LED module series, namely the e-Series, iIV-Series and iC-Series, Ushio covers the complete spectrum of air-cooled UV-LED curing technology covering the demand ranging from compact, efficient and precise units to cutting edge performance and large scale devices. This makes the technology especially suited to industrial inkjet printing of graphics, and flexible electronics manufacturing.

The UniJet UV LED modules are characterised by a compact and lightweight design, dimmable output, stable peak irradiance, and homogeneous radiation distribution as well as a service life of over 10,000 hours. All modules are available with different UV doses and intensities and in various standard sizes.

For more information on our new UniJet UV LED modules, visit our Downloads page, or read on for a summary of each module series.

Visit Ushio at Formnext - Hall 11.1 - Stand F33 to learn about our solutions in Frankfurt,or contact Ushio’s UV LED Department at:

Visit the Ushio team at Formnext 2022 stand F33

Visit the Ushio team at Messe Frankfurt hall 11.1, stand F33 for presentations, application advice, and discussions concerning the full spectrum of ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared industrial light sources for AM, composites, and 3D printing applications.

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