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IR Heating Equipment

IR Heating Equipment

USHIO focuses on customised IR solutions, but we have also developed a series of IR Modules and auxiliary components that serve as basic building blocks for many typical IR processes. The standard portfolio consists of IR modules with wavelengths ranging from 0.8µm to 1.5µm and power densities ranging from 150kW/m² to 300kW/m². All IR modules feature integrated cooling, a quick exchange mechanism for IR lamps, and are ready for immediate use. For your IR heating needs, USHIO proudly presents the IRtenser series. Customised versions or individual solutions are available upon request.


  • Curing
  • Thermoforming
  • Printing
  • Plastic welding
  • Drying
  • Preheating


  • Efficient design
  • High value
  • High power
  • Ease of installation
  • Tried and tested qualification
  • Free maintenance (tool free maintenance for some models)

Contact us for more information ir@ushio.eu

IR modules

DeviceNameDescriptionDimensions (mm)Heating area (mm)Power (kW)Article number

IRtenser U300Compact IR module with U-type emitters for efficient space usage295*72*133 270*553610003156

IRtenser LC220Ultraflat L-shaped IR module for simultaneous heating of two surfaces. Equipped with a quartz window. Hybrid cooling available.270*115*40 50*40 + 170*402.7610003856

IRtenser R280Reference IR module with high power density. Multispectral IR lamp range. IR lamps with Easyfit quick connection.409*146*10280*1106610004228

IRtenser R280+Reference IR module with high power density. Multispectral IR lamp range. IR lamps with Easyfit quick connection. Equipped with a quartz window.409*146*10280*1106610004229

Power controllers

DeviceName DescriptionDimensions (mm) Voltage (V)Current (A)Article number
IRtenser PSU1Power supply for IRtenser with one control channel 0-100%380*300*210230/400max. 32A620000226
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