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IR Twin Tube

IR Twin Tube

IR Twin Tube lamps are a prime example of the speciality IR lamps designed by USHIO. A unique characteristic of IR Twin Tube lamps is the extraordinary mechanical robustness, a benefit achieved as the two filament tubes are melted together. A rapid heat-up time of just a few seconds makes it possible to switch the emitter on and off frequently. Customisation is possible, as USHIO are ready to include modifications such as integrated reflectors, universal burning position, and waterproofing.


  • Welding of synthetic fluid reservoirs
  • Heating or fusing of synthetics
  • Heating of composite materials
  • Drying of varnish and paper
  • Activating adhesives
  • Lamination and shrinking of foils
  • Semiconductors or photovoltaics production
  • Heating prior to flash freezing


  • High radiation power
  • Robustness
  • Easy Plug-in solution available
  • Short or medium wavelength radiation
  • Various filament designs
  • Single or double ended electric outlet
  • Cross section / profiles: 22mm x 11mm or 30mm x 15mm

Especially for

  • Printing industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Food and Beverage industry

IR General Catalog – English

IR General Catalog – German

IR General Catalog – French

IR General Catalog – Italian

IR General Catalog – Spanish

Twin Tube – English

Twin Tube – German

Twin Tube – French

Twin Tube – Italian

Twin Tube – Spanish

IR Lab – English

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