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We love cinema! 75th Congrès de la FNCF to go ahead in Deauville

Please note: this article is also available in French, and can be accessed here.

Approaching a full year since Ushio Europe last put the finishing touches to a congress booth, we are happy to announce our involvement at the landmark 75th Congrès de la Federation Nationale des Cinemas Français (FNCF). Taking place in Deauville, France, FNCF 2020 will play host to the leaders of the French cinema collective from 21-24 September. Determined to get the cinema industry back on its feet, FNCF organisers have taken special measures to ensure the show will go on, despite the ongoing pandemic gripping the world. This comes after the FNCF created its own helpful guide to assist cinemas in preparing for reopening in the midst of a pandemic.

Come to Ushio’s FNCF 2020 booth and discuss the best projection options for your cinema

Next to the transformation of cinema operations as new hygiene concepts are introduced, the need to address cinema’s long-term financial concerns is likely to light up discussion this year. Investments into interior design, as well as technologies, will have to be put on hold for the foreseeable future. While this may present a problem if something is already passed its best and budgets are tight, it can be an opportunity in other areas. Lasers, xenon lamps, and mercury high pressure lamps: whatever you require for your digital or film projector, whether it is for a regular or giant screen, Ushio has developed product lines to suit all budgets, and holds an unwavering passion for brightness, efficiency, and lifespan.

Ushio holds a 65% share of the global cinema projector lamp market. To reach such widespread popularity, it was essential for every single heavyweight in the projector manufacturing industry to test and certify our lamps. This includes projector manufacturers such as BarcoChristie, NEC, and Sony.

As ever, the Ushio cinema team will be at FNCF to discuss any questions you have. If you do come to visit, you can be sure that you will be receiving the best advice from a pool of knowledge that is difficult to rival. However, it is always good to come prepared, so let’s take a look at what Ushio offers:

Ushio France's Pierre-Olivier Bancal has picked out his tips for movies hitting French cinemas in 2020/21

Aside from the impressive range already offered by Ushio, the LUMINITY (LU series) has added a fourth lamp to its arsenal. There is no sign of stopping either, as Ushio has already received authentication for Barco and NEC projectors, and continues to develop the range to eventually support all major projector brands. With impressive extensions to the already generous warranties, Ushio are showing their full confidence in LUMINITY. The latest edition, the DXL-30BAF/LU, even offers a warranty covering 100% of the 2,200 hour average lifetime, and the LUMINITY series maintains an average of 17% more lumens after 1,500 hours, when many other market contenders would fail entirely.

The brightest generation of long-lasting xenon lamps yet, LUMINITY breaks new ground with a high initial brightness that sustains for longer; while promising 100-500 additional operational warranty hours. These developments show that Ushio is committed to supporting the cinema owner, by extending the lifetime of our lamp products without compromising performance. In short, LUMINITY is a gateway to less lamp replacements, longer lumen maintenance, and a considerable warranty extension that will safeguard lower overheads and maximise profits.

For a detailed overview of Ushio’s vast xenon cinema lamp collection, please download our Xenon Cinema Projector Lamp brochure.

Always close to the action: keep up with the latest market trends with Ushio

The resurgence of the French cinema industry is likely to be another hot topic at FNCF this year, as the big studios tentatively dare to resume their postponed slates. Following the complete shutdown of cinemas, a considerable gloom hung over the industry until the abrupt arrival of Tenet. On the weekend of its release, the combined gross of all movies screened in France took almost $13.5m (€11.3m), and even surpassed some of the pre-pandemic weekends back in early 2020. Considering the circumstances, this is an encouraging short-term victory that shows people still want to go to the movies.

It has been a long and difficult year for all involved in the cinema industry, but here at Ushio, there is a solid belief that the good times are coming. As the major markets across the world re-open, we will surely see the passion of our patrons return to support their beloved local cinemas. The last few months of 2020 may still have their difficulties, but 2021 looks promising with studios queuing up to release their planned and postponed creations.

Ushio manufactures a variety of high-powered xenon short arc lamps for film and cinema projectors

The Ushio team looks forward to seeing everyone again at FNCF 2020

As always, we invite you to join us at the Ushio booth, where we will be happy to welcome you and celebrate the return of our favourite entertainment medium. If you would like to pre-arrange a meeting with one of our representatives, please visit our contact page to send us a message. Celebrate with us, in the belief that the worst is behind us this year. Let us come together and declare how much “we love cinema!”

75th Congrès de la Federation Nationale des Cinemas Français (FNCF 2020)
21-24 September 2020
CID – Centre International de Deauville, France

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