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LUMINITY DXL/LU Digital Cinema Projector Lamps

Introduced to our digital cinema projector (DCP) lamp collection at the end of 2018, the LUMINITY DXL/LU series, has extended the lifespan of high wattage xenon short arc lamps to unprecedented degrees. Offering a higher brightness long after competing lamps would begin to fail entirely, the LUMINITY series improves operational profitability without sacrificing the established quality of Ushio’s xenon cinema solutions.


  • Cinema Projectors

Lamp types and manufacturer certified projectors

  • DXL-30BAF/LU
    • BARCO DP1500
    • BARCO DP2000
    • BARCO DP2K-15C
    • BARCO DP2K-19B
    • BARCO DP2K-20C
    • BARCO DP2K-23B
    • BARCO DP4K-23B
  •  DXL-40BAF/LU
    • BARCO DP2K-20C
    • BARCO DP2K-23B
    • BARCO DP4K-23B
  • DXL-60SN/LU
    • NEC NC2500S
    • NEC NC3200S
    • NEC NC3240S
  • DXL-65BA/L(U)
    • BARCO DP2K-32B
    • BARCO DP4K-32B


  • 100-500 additional warranty hours per lamp (models vary)
  • Operational range between 2940 W-6000 W
  • Average  lifetime up to 2,100 operational hours
  • Sustained maintenance of lumens, even after prolonged usage

This new series of DCP lamps heralds a technical breakthrough for all Ushio xenon users, thanks to the sustained efforts of our research and development team. LUMINITY takes its place as the best projection light source series in the world, by putting the profit margins of projector owners at the forefront of our design. As well as breathtaking improvements to brightness and quality, the LU-series lamps benefit from longer life, less replacements and, therefore, significantly reduced operating costs.

The real deal breaker for cinema entrepreneurs comes after the LU-series lamps have been in operation for some time already. All man-made light sources suffer a gradual decay to their brightness over time, but LUMINITY is able to sustain 10% more lumens than conventional cinema lamps, even after clocking an operating time in excess of 700-1000 hours.

As with all of our handmade xenon short arc lamps, LUMINITY is designed to be compatible with the best digital cinema projector brands on the market. When USHIO perfected the LU-series, we took them to the relevant projector manufacturers to get their seal of approval prior to releasing LUMINITY. Every single lamp is certified by a top projector manufacturer to ensure that you, and your audiences, receive the ultimate cinematic experience.

LUMINITY, a contraction of lumen and infinity, possesses special powers of unbeatable efficiency and outstanding performance befitting only the most legendary of superheroes. In a world shrouded in darkness, LUMINITY is here to optimise your movie rendering quality, by providing more lumens, for longer than ever before. For the ultimate combination of image quality, brightness, operational longevity, efficiency, and warranty coverage, no one does it better than LUMINITY.

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