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Ushio founder Jiro Ushio assumes Honorary Advisor role

Ushio Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Koji Naito, hereinafter “Ushio”) hereby announces that Jiro Ushio, Director and Corporate Advisor, has resigned from the position of Director of Ushio Inc. as of today.

Jiro Ushio leaves Director role due to “age”

Since founding Ushio Inc. in 1964, Jiro Ushio has led the company and guided its development for 57 years.  The company has since evolved into a “light creator” which provides light units, equipment, and systems as well as “light solutions” through the development of new light sources and the application of proprietary optical technology. Ushio’s light technology is not only for “illumination” but is also widely employed in cutting-edge industrial sectors and across the science and technology arena. In addition to producing countless products that have amassed a global share of many different markets, Ushio consistently cultivates new business fields in areas such as biotechnology, agriculture, medical applications, and the environment.

Although he resigned from his position as Chairman and Ushio Group Representative and was re-appointed as Director and Corporate Advisor on May 12 2020, he requested his release from this position due to considerations related to his age.

In the future, Jiro Ushio will continue supporting Ushio Inc. as its Honorary Advisor.

While continuing the great traditions and corporate culture developed by our company since its founding, Ushio will maintain its focus on “developing illumination and energy-related applications for light” as it carries out its mission of contributing to people’s happiness and the development of society.

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