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SMBB LED Family Expanded To 1100nm and 1150nm By USHIO

Latest Releases Signal Ushio’s Intention To Provide Biggest Range In Market

Ushio are proud to announce the latest expansion to their epitex series, with two new LEDs joining their SMBB & EDC family of High Power TOP LED packages. The latest additions, designated SMBB1100S-1100 and SMBB1150S-1100, are designed to achieve a new standard output wavelength of 1100nm and 1150nm respectively. The already broad SMBB range underlines a clear intention from Ushio to produce the most extensive speciality lighting solutions collection in the world. With the number of Ushio products now running well into the thousands, the tactic to become a ‘one stop shop’ is paying off.

The newly introduced SMBB chips are formed using the InGaAsP semiconductor material (an alloy of gallium arsenide and indium phosphide) which has become synonymous with the production of near-infrared/IR-A light sources. The lens is then created through a customised process called epitaxial growth, which our family of premium quality LEDs is named after. Epitaxy is a method in which films of monocrystalline silicon are grown or deposited on a substrate. Alongside this, Ushio has perfected custom-made chip technologies such as design and device process while combining their efforts in packaging technologies like optics design and thermal management.

The epitex brand of LEDs covers wavelengths across the spectrum from UV to visible light and right through to SWIR. Which wavelength you choose is up to you, as Ushio offer 25 years of experience with this technology and solutions for your applications from 365nm to 1750nm. In the case of epitex, it is possible to choose a suitable wavelength every 20nm (below 1000nm) and every 100nm (over 1000nm).

Hot on the heels of the recently launched Spectro Broadband LED series, it is clear to see that Ushio not only targets world records and first-time breakthroughs, but is committed to offering the most comprehensive range in specialty lighting.

SMBB1100S-1100 data sheet
SMBB1150S-1100 data sheet

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