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April 26th 2019

USHIO’s custom-made Chip Technologies (①Design, ②Epitaxial Growth, & ③Device Process) and Packaging Technologies (①Optics Design, & ②Thermal Management) allow strong collaboration and support in product development with our customer from start to finish.

epitex series

Our “epitex” series LED covers all wavelengths in the UV, visible and IR (Infrared) spectra, from 365nm to 1650nm based on reliable technologies over 25 years.
You can choose a suitable wavelength product for your application from our selection, which is available at every 20nm (below 1000nm) and every 100nm (over 1000nm).

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Bi color Mold Type

High Power TOP LED

Lens Type and Radiation Characteristics
Flat Type 02 Lens 03 Lens 05 Lens
Over View
Radiation Characteristics* ± 64 deg. ± 9 deg. ± 22 deg. ± 45 deg.
* e.g. SMBB760D Series

Part Numbering

USHIO EPITEX INC.(UEI) defines part number as follows.
Example: SMBB 850 DS 1 100 S -I -02 Z
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i)
(a) SMBB : Package Family Name
(b) 850 : Peak Wavelength. (unit:nm. From 365nm to 1,650nm)
(c) DS : Structure Type of LED Chips (Unselectable Option)
(d) 1 : Number of Chips (1: 1 Chip, 2: 2 Chips, 3: 3 Chips)
(e) 100 : LED Chip Dimension (100: 1,000um * 1,000um, 130: 1,300um * 1,300um)
(f) S : Suffix for Multi LED Chips Lamp represents Internal Circuit Type. (S: Series Circuit)
(g) -I : with Ceramics Insulator. (Option for Multi Chips Lamp)
(h) -02 : Lens Type. (none: Flat Type, -02: 02 Lens, -03: 03 Lens, -05: 05 Lens.)
(i) Z : with Zener diode. (Option)

If you cannot find what you want, please contact us.

High Power TOP LED SMBB "D" Series (High Power Type)

Peak Wavelength Flat Type -02 Lens -03 Lens -05 Lens 2 Chips 3 Chips
590nm SMBB590D-1100 SMBB590D-1100-02 SMBB590D-1100-03 SMBB590D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
620nm SMBB620D-1100
Contact sales Contact sales
660nm SMBB660D-1100
Contact sales SMBB660D-3100S-I
670nm SMBB670D-1100 SMBB670D-1100-02 SMBB670D-1100-03 SMBB670D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
680nm SMBB680D-1100 SMBB680D-1100-02 SMBB680D-1100-03 SMBB680D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
690nm SMBB690D-1100 SMBB690D-1100-02 SMBB690D-1100-03 SMBB690D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
700nm SMBB700D-1100 SMBB700D-1100-02 SMBB700D-1100-03 SMBB700D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
740nm SMBB740D-1100 SMBB740D-1100-02 SMBB740D-1100-03 SMBB740D-1100-05 SMBB740D-2100S-I SMBB740D-3100S-I
750nm SMBB750D-1100 SMBB750D-1100-02 SMBB750D-1100-03 SMBB750D-1100-05 SMBB750D-2100S-I Contact sales
760nm SMBB760D-1100 SMBB760D-1100-02 SMBB760D-1100-03 SMBB760D-1100-05 SMBB760D-2100S-I Contact sales
780nm SMBB780D-1100 SMBB780D-1100-02 SMBB780D-1100-03 SMBB780D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
800nm SMBB800D-1100 SMBB800D-1100-02 SMBB800D-1100-03 SMBB800D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
810nm SMBB810D-1100 SMBB810D-1100-02 SMBB810D-1100-03 SMBB810D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
850nm SMBB850D-1100 SMBB850D-1100-02 SMBB850D-1100-03 SMBB850D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
850nm SMBD850D-1100 SMBD850D-1100-02 SMBD850D-1100-03 SMBD850D-1100-05 SMBD850D-2100S-I SMBD850D-3100S-I
880nm SMBB880D-1100 SMBB880D-1100-02 SMBB880D-1100-03 SMBB880D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
890nm SMBB890D-1100 SMBB890D-1100-02 SMBB890D-1100-03 SMBB890D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
910nm SMBB910D-1100 SMBB910D-1100-02 SMBB910D-1100-03 SMBB910D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
940nm SMBB940D-1100 SMBB940D-1100-02 SMBB940D-1100-03 SMBB940D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
970nm SMBB970D-1100 SMBB970D-1100-02 SMBB970D-1100-03 SMBB970D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
980nm SMBB980D-1100 SMBB980D-1100-02 SMBB980D-1100-03 SMBB980D-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales
1050nm SMBB1050GD-1100 SMBB1050GD-1100-02 SMBB1050GD-1100-03 SMBB1050GD-1100-05 Contact sales Contact sales

High Power TOP LED SMBB Series

Peak Wavelength Flat Type -02 Lens -03 Lens -05 Lens
365nm SMBB365V-1100-Z SMBB365V-1100-02Z SMBB365V-1100-03Z SMBB365V-1100-05Z
365nm SMBB365H-1100-Z SMBB365H-1100-02Z SMBB365H-1100-03Z SMBB365H-1100-05Z
375nm SMBB375V-1100-Z SMBB375V-1100-02Z SMBB375V-1100-03Z SMBB375V-1100-05Z
385nm SMBB385V-1100-Z SMBB385V-1100-02Z SMBB385V-1100-03Z SMBB385V-1100-05Z
395nm SMBB395V-1100-Z SMBB395V-1100-02Z SMBB395V-1100-03Z SMBB395V-1100-05Z
395nm SMBB395H-1100-Z SMBB395H-1100-02Z SMBB395H-1100-03Z SMBB395H-1100-05Z
405nm SMBB405V-1100-Z SMBB405V-1100-02Z SMBB405V-1100-03Z SMBB405V-1100-05Z
405nm SMBB405H-1100-Z SMBB405H-1100-02Z SMBB405H-1100-03Z SMBB405H-1100-05Z
415nm SMBB415H-1100-Z SMBB415H-1100-02Z SMBB415H-1100-03Z SMBB415H-1100-05Z
420nm SMBB420H-1100-Z
430nm SMBB430H-1100-Z SMBB430H-1100-02Z SMBB430H-1100-03Z SMBB430H-1100-05Z
435nm SMBB435V-1100-Z SMBB435V-1100-02Z SMBB435V-1100-03Z SMBB435V-1100-05Z
450nm SMBB450H-1100-Z
470nm SMBB470H-1100-Z
490nm SMBB490H-1100-Z
520nm SMBB520H-1100-Z
525nm SMBB525V-1100-Z SMBB525V-1100-02Z SMBB525V-1100-03Z SMBB525V-1100-05Z
630nm SMBB630H-1100-Z
630nm SMBB630V-1100-Z
680nm SMBB680-1100-Z SMBB680-1100-02Z SMBB680-1100-03Z SMBB680-1100-05Z
690nm SMBB690-1100-Z SMBB690-1100-02Z SMBB690-1100-03Z SMBB690-1100-05Z
700nm SMBB700-1100-Z SMBB700-1100-02Z SMBB700-1100-03Z SMBB700-1100-05Z
720nm SMBB720-1100-Z SMBB720-1100-02Z SMBB720-1100-03Z SMBB720-1100-05Z
735nm SMBB735-1100-Z SMBB735-1100-02Z SMBB735-1100-03Z SMBB735-1100-05Z
750nm SMBB750-1100-Z SMBB750-1100-02Z SMBB750-1100-03Z SMBB750-1100-05Z
760nm SMBB760-1100-Z SMBB760-1100-02Z SMBB760-1100-03Z SMBB760-1100-05Z
770nm SMBB770-1100-Z SMBB770-1100-02Z SMBB770-1100-03Z SMBB770-1100-05Z
780nm SMBB780-1100-Z SMBB780-1100-02Z SMBB780-1100-03Z SMBB780-1100-05Z
810nm SMBB810N-1100-Z SMBB810N-1100-02Z SMBB810N-1100-03Z SMBB810N-1100-05Z
830nm SMBB830N-1100-Z SMBB830N-1100-02Z SMBB830N-1100-03Z SMBB830N-1100-05Z
850nm SMBB850N-1100-Z SMBB850N-1100-02Z SMBB850N-1100-03Z SMBB850N-1100-05Z
870nm SMBB870-1100-Z SMBB870-1100-02Z SMBB870-1100-03Z SMBB870-1100-05Z
880nm SMBB880-1100-Z SMBB880-1100-02Z SMBB880-1100-03Z SMBB880-1100-05Z
940nm SMBB940-1100-Z SMBB940-1100-02Z SMBB940-1100-03Z SMBB940-1100-05Z
970nm SMBB970-1100-Z SMBB970-1100-02Z SMBB970-1100-03Z SMBB970-1100-05Z
1050nm SMBB1050-1100-Z SMBB1050-1100-02Z SMBB1050-1100-03Z SMBB1050-1100-05Z
1050nm SMBB1050S-1100-Z SMBB1050S-1100-02Z SMBB1050S-1100-03Z SMBB1050S-1100-05Z
1100nm SMBB1100S-1100-Z SMBB1100S-1100-02Z SMBB1100S-1100-03Z SMBB1100S-1100-05Z
1150nm SMBB1150S-1100-Z SMBB1150S-1100-02Z SMBB1150S-1100-03Z SMBB1150S-1100-05Z
1200nm SMBB1200S-1100-Z SMBB1200S-1100-02Z SMBB1200S-1100-03Z SMBB1200S-1100-05Z
1200nm SMBB1200-1100-Z SMBB1200-1100-02Z SMBB1200-1100-03Z SMBB1200-1100-05Z
1300nm SMBB1300-1100-Z SMBB1300-1100-02Z SMBB1300-1100-03Z SMBB1300-1100-05Z
1300nm SMBB1300S-1100-Z SMBB1300S-1100-02Z SMBB1300S-1100-03Z SMBB1300S-1100-05Z
1450nm SMBB1450-1100-Z SMBB1450-1100-02Z SMBB1450-1100-03Z SMBB1450-1100-05Z
1450nm SMBB1450S-1100-Z SMBB1450S-1100-02Z SMBB1450S-1100-03Z SMBB1450S-1100-05Z
1550nm SMBB1550S-1100-Z SMBB1550S-1100-02Z SMBB1550S-1100-03Z SMBB1550S-1100-05Z
1550nm SMBB1550-1100-Z SMBB1550-1100-02Z SMBB1550-1100-03Z SMBB1550-1100-05Z
1650nm SMBB1650-1100-Z SMBB1650-1100-02Z SMBB1650-1100-03Z SMBB1650-1100-05Z
1650nm SMBB1650S-1100-Z SMBB1650S-1100-02Z SMBB1650S-1100-03Z SMBB1650S-1100-05Z
White SMBBIR45A-1100-Z SMBBIR45A-1100-02Z SMBBIR45A-1100-03Z SMBBIR45A-1100-05Z
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