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Long Arc Medium Pressure UV Lamps

Long Arc Medium Pressure

These long-arc lamps have a medium operating pressure and are applicable for the curing of inks or lacquers and for triggering photo chemical processes, such as disinfecting drinking water or ballast water treatment.

The versatility of these light sources is of particular note, with over 100 different models available, ranging from very short up to 2.5m in length. With the precedent set for a vast array of options, Ushio’s Long Arc Medium Pressure lamps provide the largest possible selection of wattages, from just 200W, all the way to 40kW!

Depending on the application, the UV-A, B, or C radiation output can be increased to achieve the desired result without any need for a lamp change.


  • CD, DVD, Blu-Ray disc production
  • Chemical processing
  • Disinfection
  • Duct relining
  • Curing of ink, lacquer, resin, and varnish
  • Decorative glazing
  • Fibre optics
  • Graphic arts
  • PCB protective lacquer
  • Water treatment


  • Highly adept in curing and other polymerisation applications
  • Wide-range of options accommodating customisation of size and power
  • Various geometrical designs and suitable connections available
  • Spectral adjustments possible through the introduction of doping materials

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