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Optatec 2022: Walk into the light with Ushio’s laser diodes and LEDs

Ushio Europe will be exhibiting at Optatec 2022, the international trade fair for optical technologies, components, and systems. Taking place at Messe Frankfurt (am Main), on 18–20 October 2022, the Ushio solid-state lighting team can be found at hall 8, stand D102. Additionally, our Sales experts Ardan Fuessmann, Maarten Gerkes, and Olaf Broekmann have invited Ushio Inc.’s Chief Engineer (SSL), Kazuaki Yano, to fill visitors in on the latest laser diode and LED developments from Gotemba, Japan. Visitors to stand D102 will also have the chance to stay warm as they walk into the light, with a limited edition hoodie, available only at the Ushio booth during Optatec 2022.

Walk into the light with Ushio at Optatec 2022 for the latest in laser diode and LED technology

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Ushio’s Japanese-European team will advise you on a multitude of solid-state lighting processes, as well as providing you with access to our extensive laser diode and light-emitting diode collection. Currently, the hot LED topics are near-infrared (NIR: 700–1000 nm) and short-wavelength infrared (SWIR: 1050–1750 nm) solutions; on the laser diode side, there is an increasing focus on sensory applications, such as Time of Flight (ToF).

Latest News from Ushio’s Laser Diode Division at Optatec 2022

Ushio’s laser diode collection offers wavelengths across UV (375–405 nm), red (630–690 nm), and NIR (705–852 nm), with potential optical output powers from 5 mW to 3500 mW. Our laser diode collection has low- and high-power lasers, with low-operating currents, long lifespans, and efficiency, all while remaining 100% RoHS-compliant.

Interest grows in new 1.2 W red laser diodes, HL67203HD & HL69203HD, intended for skin treatment and photo-immunotherapy

Ushio Inc. announced sample shipments of the new HL67203HD and HL69203HD multi-mode laser diodes. These laser diodes offer output power (1.2 W) and efficiency (40% and 41%, respectively) improvements over conventional 675 nm and 690 nm red laser light sources that are in common usage for healthcare, medical, and life science applications.

The new red laser diodes, designed by Ushio’s engineers in Kyoto, carry out highly efficient and short-lived photochemical reactions with substances and reagents, found in the human body, which absorb light in the 670–690 nm wavelength range. The absorption at these wavelengths make Ushio’s red laser diodes an excellent choice for many medical and health applications, such as photodynamic therapy for cancer treatment, as well as acne or blemish treatment.

Furthermore, HL67203HD and HL69203HD have promise in practical life science analytics, such as Raman spectroscopy and confocal microscopy. In particular, high-power, high-efficiency, 690 nm red LDs coupled with fibre have seen an increased interest from the field of photo-immunotherapy, which has been attracting attention in recent years as a “fifth cancer treatment”.

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Compact, efficient 200 mW laser diodes for life sciences, bio-medical & quantum applications

Ushio Inc. released samples of compact, high-power, high-efficiency single-mode laser diodes at wavelengths of 675 nm and 690 nm. While the 200 mW red lasers are expected to be used in an ever-growing list of applications, they are widely predicted to be a popular tool in research & development for life sciences, biomedical and quantum fields.

Wavelengths around 670 nm have a wide range of applications, including life science fields such as Raman spectroscopy and confocal microscopy, medical fields such as acne treatment and blemish treatment, as well as applications in quantum technology fields such as atomic laser cooling and quantum computers, where research & development has been active in recent years.

Wavelengths in the 690 nm band are also put to practical use in research & development of quantum-related fields, characterised by optical lattice clocks, and in the medical field, such as photo-dynamic therapy (PDT) and photo-immunotherapy for cancer.

Ushio’s experience enabled new red laser diodes to overcome an old “barrier”

Ushio applied the high-power, high-efficiency, high-reliability technologies cultivated through the development of its 640 nm and 660 nm band products in the development of the new 670–690 nm laser diodes. As a result, they are smaller, less complex, and less expensive than already established alternatives, such as diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser modules. In addition, compared to semiconductor laser diode technologies, like DPSS, Ushio’s laser diodes possess a lower luminous efficiency, which was previously seen as a barrier to their widespread adoption.

With the shipment of these samples, Ushio will further expand its range of red laser diodes and contribute to the spread and improvement of the performance of red laser diode-equipped devices in a wider range of fields.

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New high-efficiency, 200 mW laser diodes for levelling, shows, and measurement applications

Ushio Inc. announced a new high-power (200 mW), single-mode laser diode series. Emitting a wavelength of 639 nm, the HL63642DG series boasts improvements to efficiency and features low power consumption. Initial shipments of the HL63642DG series began in January 2022.

Thanks to their high visibility, red laser diodes with oscillation wavelengths between 630 nm and 640 nm are used in devices such as levellers, distance meters, laser projectors, and show lasers. Since 2018, Ushio saw great success in those markets with its 639 nm HL63392DG series, which also features an optical output power of 200 mW; however, customer feedback revealed a demand for continuous improvement in the characteristics and efficiency.

In the market for levellers and rangefinders, for instance, vigorous investment in housing and infrastructure has led to a demand for products that operate stably for longer periods in a wide range of outdoor temperatures.

In response, Ushio successfully reduced the threshold current and operating current by further optimizing the active layer structure and chip structure parameters, resulting in a significant improvement in wall plug efficiency. In addition, Ushio’s engineers extended the previous operating temperature range (-10°C to 60°C) to -40°C to 60°C. This not only reduces power consumption, downsizing, and extended battery life of devices using this product, but also expands the usable environment to extremely cold regions.

Intended applications for HL63641DG, HL63642DG & HL63643DG
  • Levellers & rangefinders
  • Measurement light source
  • Show Lasers
  • Medical Light Source
  • Laser Module

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Ushio Epitex and iRED LED News

Ushio’s Epitex division has grown into the largest collection of light emitting diodes on the market. Covering all violet, visible, and infrared wavelengths, from 365 nanometres (nm) to 1,750 nm, this vast catalogue creates a one-stop-shop for single and multi-wavelength LEDs.

Known for its dedication to customisation options and first-rate product quality, Ushio offers an unparalleled product choice and the ability to provide a unique solution for every application. Whether you require a single high-power chip, or up to five chips each emitting a different wavelength, Ushio can find the right recipe to realise your ultimate goals.

Reliability testing of Ushio’s Epitex large short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) LED chips suggests that the maximum current value (Imax) can be raised without modifying existing Epitex SWIR LED chip and package designs. The new maximum current values define a DC ampage increase of 50% to 1.5 A, while pulsed current doubles from 2 A to 4 A.

As a result, the maximum output power of SMBB– and EDC-packaged Epitex D Series SWIR LED chips increases up to 1.4 times in continuous wave (CW) operation, while pulsed drive benefits from an improvement of up to 1.9 times the previously recommended limit. This news will be of particular interest in pulsed light applications, such as optical sorting and vital signs sensing.

Ushio anticipates that the shipment of Epitex SWIR LEDs with the increased maximum current specifications will commence following an official announcement expected in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Ushio’s remains online for worldwide visitors to explore the full Epitex SWIR LED portfolio.

The Ushio Group has expanded its line of unpackaged LED chips to cater for manufacturers of packaged LEDs who seek more flexibility in their product design. Already established in the field with its own packaged LED and laser diode products, Ushio announced its entry into the bare SWIR LED chip market. This move has caught the attention of companies producing LEDs with a reduced mounting area and compact device OEMs in the smartphone and vital sensor industries.

Following a complete redesign of its existing Epitex S Series, Ushio Inc.’s Epitex D Series short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) LED chips offer a significant leap in efficiency thanks to the introduction of new LED device structural technology. The new D Series presents some attractive improvements that will be sure to catch the eye of manufacturers who seek to package the LED chips themselves or require design flexibility. Industries that will benefit from the new design include manufacturers of smartphones & mobile devices, vital signs monitors, and proximity sensors.

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Ushio launched a new international website,, for the sale of Epitex short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) LEDs. Following a prolonged spike in single- and multi-chip SWIR LED enquiries, Ushio elected its European arm, Ushio Europe B.V., to build a platform dedicated to the technology.

“People wanted an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop for standard- or high-power LEDs and photodetectors, in the 1050 to 1750 nanometres (nm) band. As engineers move away from older SWIR technologies, like halogen lamps, the shift to LED is accelerating in fields like biometrics, machine vision, nutritional analysis, and metrology”, said Ushio’s EMEA Sales Director SSL, Ardan Fuessmann.

“It made sense to set up a dedicated resource for customers who want to focus purely on SWIR LED technology. People want the headspace to consider their options, and ultimately, this site encourages them to take control of their search. From our side, we stand by to provide the design flexibility and technical advice that our customers associate with Ushio’s wider 365 nm to 1750 nm LED portfolio.” from Ushio is the one-stop-shop for short-wavelength infrared LEDs! quickly gets those familiar with LEDs to the data they need, while offering a gentle introduction for newcomers to the technology. The datasheet library offers an opportunity to browse more than 300 standard package combinations; while those seeking the knowledge of an established manufacturer can visit various application profiles, or explore the history and technical aspects of LED technology in the educational Learning Zone.

A stand-out “Build your SWIR LED” feature allows users to select from a vast range of pre-defined surface-mounted (SMD) and through-hole LEDs, or send a customization request directly to Ushio’s Sales team. Customizable features include a variety of lenses, wavelengths, package types, and optical output power. If a customer cannot find their ideal solution in the extensive Epitex LED library, Ushio’s engineers will work with them to develop a bespoke solution.

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Visit Ushio at Optatec 2022 for the best laser diode and LED technology

Ushio’s laser diode and LED experts will be available throughout Optatec 2022 to answer all of your questions regarding LED and Laser Diode technology.

Should you have any questions prior to the event, feel free to send your queries to the Ushio Sales team at Further information on Ushio’s LED and Laser diode solutions can be downloaded from

18–20 October 2022
Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany