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USHIO makes LUMINITY an offer you can’t refuse at KINO 2019

Making moves in the German cinema business, Ushio Europe would like to announce our involvement in the 2019 edition of KINO! Our research and development team have been breaking new ground to bring light to life, pushing the limits to bring the newest visions to the big screen. This is a fantastic opportunity for our loyal clients and brand ambassadors to meet each other and spend time amongst our contemporaries. So grab your ticket for KINO 2019, taking place on 9-11 April 2019, and meet us at Stand 307, on the 1st floor of the Kongress House in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Ushio solve KINO problems with wide range of solutions

We are, without a doubt, the leading manufacturer of xenon cinema projector lamps, guiding a staggering 65% of the market. Whether you are screening movies in traditional 35mm, or you have moved on to digital, we have the right solution. Even ultramodern giant screen formats are served light by Ushio sources, as cinemas depend on us for our epicurean expertise, allowing their patrons to experience the immersion they desire. Every major projector manufacturer in the industry has tested and certified our lamps, including long time partners such as Barco, NEC, and Sony. Our lamps offer unrivalled longevity, with up to 3,500 warranty hours. That’s 1,372 back-to-back screenings of Fritz Lang’s original 1927 masterpiece, Metropolis. So, when your lamp finally reaches the end of its long life, Ushio is ready to deliver your replacement. The only question is: will you stay with the same lamp order, or will you let us recommend how to take your screen to the next level?

Ushio brings reliability, efficiency, and LUMINITY to KINO 2019

We have a stunning set of options for cinema entrepreneurs, including the world record-breaking DXL 7kW lamp which combined with a Barco digital cinema projector, to shine 43,000 lumens onto a screen. That was in 2010, and since then we have unleashed more powerful and efficient options than ever before.

Analogue Projector Lamps

  • UXL: Durable and reliable, power ranges from 500W to 10,000W.
  • UXL-H: Highly efficient, choose between 50% extended lifespan, or 30% more lumens.
  • UXW: These high-pressure xenon short arc lamps are our only water cooled cinema lamps to date, capable of input power ranging from 10,000W to 30,000W. They are trusted by IMAX® as the gold standard in giant screen cinema projection solutions, and are even powerful enough for solar simulation experiments performed by the European Space Agency.

Digital Projector Lamps

  • DXL: When you simply need raw power, fire up the projector and let this lamp do the rest.
  • DXL-L: Low cost, low maintenance, double the lifespan, and minimal lamp replacements.
  • DXL-LU (New!): The new kid on the block, the LUMINITY series, offers up to 500 additional warranty hours. These lamps usher in a new era of unprecedented quality and profitability for cinema owners. The new DXL-LU series takes the concept of long lamp lifetimes to the extreme.

LUMINITY offers up to 500 hours of additional screen time

At Kino 2019, you will have the opportunity to question us over our full cinematic portfolio, and learn how Ushio keeps performing the advanced projection standards that cinemagoers have come to expect from your venues. Not only that, but there will be a chance to see the latest advancement from the Ushio Europe cinema product line, LUMINITY. Released at the end of 2018 to much fanfare, LUMINITY proved that the noble gas short arc lamp is not dead yet, with a wide range of Ushio solutions. As a brand-new generation of xenon lamp, LUMINITY breaks new ground with unprecedented brightness over other contemporary lamp types, while promising 100-500 additional operational warranty hours. These developments show that we are committed to supporting the cinema owner, by extending the lifetime of our lamp products without compromising performance.

If that wasn’t enough, the Kino Kongress will treat you to seminars, workshops, films, and cocktails. I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. Book your ticket, and pack your bags.

We are going to Kino!


KINO 2019


Augustaplatz 10, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany

9-11 April 2019


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