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Ushio to release new 400 mW (CW) 404 nm laser diode in December 2020

From December 2020, Ushio, Inc. will further expand its violet light product portfolio with the production of a new 404 nm laser diode. Offering 400 mW of continuous wave (CW) output power within a Φ 5.6 mm CAN package, HL40093MG will meet the demand for a violet laser diode suitable for use in industrial applications and beyond.

Ushio’s 404 nm laser diode products are often used as light sources within direct imaging lithography systems, with the purpose of exposing the high-definition circuit patterns on boards. Recently, demand for 404 nm laser diodes from other non-industrial applications, such as evolving smartphones and high-definition 3D printers, has increased. This has driven Ushio to release a cost-effective laser diode that will meet greater demand from both existing and emerging markets.

HL40093MG shares optical and electrical characteristics, as well as PIN layout, with another Ushio product, HL40053MG. This enables Ushio to provide yet another affordable option for current HL40053MG users, as well as newcomers to 404 nm lasers.

Features of HL40093MG

HL40093MG - Ushio's new 404 nm violet laser diode with 400 mW continuous wave optical output power

Optical output power400 mW (CW) (absolute maximum rated output 500 mW)
Wavelength398 nm - 410 nm
Beam divergence13° horizontal / 45° vertical
Operating temperature0°C - 30°C
Transverse modeMulti-transverse mode
Oscillation modeTE mode oscillation


  • Light source for direct imaging exposure systems
  • Bio-medical
  • 3D printing


  • Φ 5.6 mm CAN package

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Clients located in the EMEA region can receive more information about HL40093MG by visiting our contact page, or by filling in the enquiry form on the Ushio Europe contact page.

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