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Multi LED

Multi LED

We also provide encapsulated LED. That means that you can purchase the LED chip already combined with the lens and electrical contacts, i.e. ready to use. They are available with a narrow or wide viewing angle and for whichever wavelength you need.

EPITEX series
EPITEX series LED covers all wavelength in the UV, Visible and IR spectra, from 365nm to 1750nm based on reliable technologies over 25 years.
You can choose a suitable wavelength product for your application from our selection, which is available every 20nm (below 1000nm) and every 100nm (over 1000nm).

  • Scientific – Measurement & Analysis
  • Ink Curing
  • Inspection


  • Ready to use
  • Customized solutions

Especially for

  • Analysis equipment
  • Inspection Equipment

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