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October 17th 2017

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Semiconductor lamps for PCB industry

As the word-leader in the semiconductor lamp market Ushio is your reliable lighting partner for all PCB industries. Thanks to our longtime experience with both major equipment manufacturers and component manufacturers, we offer you high quality and service throughout the entire supply chain. Ushio has a zero-defect policy with an optimized cost of ownership in the areas of lithography, RTP (rapid thermal processing), cleaning, inspection and measurement. Our mission is to utilize light to make all process-steps highly efficient and environmentally friendly. By doing so, Ushio wants to contribute to a sustainable future.

"Ushio technology enables"

High quality lamps

Ushio offers a complete and high quality range of semiconductor lamps for lithography equipment manufacturers worldwide. These lamps contribute substantially to a cost-efficient manufacturing process, simultaneously guaranteeing high-throughput sequencing. Our DC High Wattage Power Supplies for example, are perfect for direct current lamps having a high output. Next to that our Mercury Short Arc High Wattage lamps are also frequently applied in the PCB industry. They are among others used as UV radiation sources for lithography. Their low wattage counterparts are commonly used in the field of inspection.

Ushio’s customized solutions

Customer satisfaction is one of the key priorities at Ushio. For this reason we customize every desired lighting solution to the requirements of our customers. This also applies to the required power supplies. Customized solutions are then compiled from our different devices in both the AC and the DC ranges. We offer this service in the field of RTP (rapid thermal processing), next to our single and double-ended IR emitters. Furthermore, Ushio’s wide variety of specialized products also includes measurement devices (UV radiation meters) and customized excimer systems for the best results in optical cleaning of organic residues.

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