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February 21st 2017


Ushio Europe are led by:

  • Hideaki Onishi, President
  • Wilhelmus de Koning, Executive Vice President
  • Tetsuo Kato, Vice President
  • Nils Büker, Senior Director
  • Matthew Hi Dae Chang, New Business Development Director

To the best of our abilities and by pooling our vast experience, we guide the Ushio Europe Group according to our management philosophy, which consists of the following imperatives:

  • Make the company’s prosperity and lasting continuity consistent with the fulfilment of each employee’s life.

  • Create a unique European business that moves marketing, development, and sales capabilities towards a global reach.

  • Cultivate management transparency and the free exchange of innovative ideas within our organisation.

  • Intensify our position as a major contributor to our collective success within and beyond the Ushio Group.

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