Ushio Europe

Luca Lombardi – Sales Manager for Southern Europe

Luca Lombardi is our new Sales Manager for Southern Europe at Ushio Europe B.V. We want to welcome Luca and allow him to introduce himself.

My name is Luca Lombardi and I will be the new Sales Manager for Southern Europe at Ushio Europe B.V. I am 34 years old, married with no children, so far, and I live in Lucca, a very beautiful town in Tuscany.

Before joining the Ushio group, and after a three-year degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Pisa, I gained 10 years of professional experience as Area Sales Manager at an leading Italian company operating in the production of flexible plastic packaging materials for industrial use. After an initial period of time spent exploring the markets all around Europe looking for good business opportunities, I mostly focused on Western European countries, as well as on part of Northern Italy. Today – 10 years later – I am very happy and proud to say that my job strongly contributed to giving the company a more international dimension.

I will start my new challenge at Ushio Europe B.V. on June the 15th and I am looking forward to meeting you all personally in the near future. My goal is to learn the new business quickly and gain strong experience with and knowledge of the market in order to provide good support to all customers and partners, with the aim of strengthening these relationships and producing business growth.