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Stage lights

August 17th 2017

The best stage lights for successful entertainment

Whether you are entertaining a large audience or an intimate group of people, the quality of your stage lights makes all the difference. At Ushio we provide a wide variety of stage lights to create the ultimate entertainment success. Our high quality stage lights are applicable to theatre productions, concerts, dance events and many other stage performances and shows. We efficiently utilize the power of light to guarantee your desired lighting effects. As the world’s ‘light solution’ company we offer both effective and environmentally friendly stage lighting solutions.

"Ushio technology enables"

Entertainment shows and discotheques

There are countless lighting effects, each having its own purpose. For entertainment shows you might choose to create selective visibility. In other words, you wish to influence what the viewers are able to see occurring on stage. In case of a discotheque, the creation of the right mood is essential. The Ushio stage lights will let you set the perfect tones on the dancefloor. For both entertainment shows as discotheques the Ushio halogen double ended lamps are ideal to illuminate the larger surface areas concerned. The same goes for our halogen reflector lamps. They feature a reflector to create an intense illumination.

Lights off, spot on

When you wish to direct your audience’s focus to a certain area of the stage, the Ushio well-known series for spotlights are all you need. Both the Xenon Short Arc Low Wattage and the Xenon Short Arc High Wattage will perfectly meet your lighting demands. The latter is the ultimate choice for visualization and solar simulation. Its continuous spectrum closely approximates that of daylight. The High Wattage type is available in a range from 1000 Watt to 7000 Watt, whereas the Low Wattage type is available in a range from 50 Watt to 1000 Watt.