Ushio Europe

Salad Garden, Japan

December 15th 2021

Salad Garden is one of the largest pepper producers in Japan and is known nationwide. The cultivation area in Hokkaido covers almost 2.3 hectares, of which almost 5,000 square metres are illuminated. This area is used for propagation and production. The rearing area of 172 m® is also illuminated with HPS lamps.

Salad Garden was looking for a partner to plan and realise an optimal lighting system for the newly built greenhouse in order to increase quality and yield.

In order to optimise the pepper production, Salad Garden chose HORTURION® lighting, consisting of HORTURION® power supply and HORTURION® sodium vapour lamp (HPS). The latter is used because the lamp provides a photon flux of 2,100 µmol s-1.
The HORTURION®HPS solution is used for both young plant propagation and production.
Measurements in the production area have shown that an additional light intensity of 70 µmol/s per 1 m² can be achieved at plant height by the exposure.
The luminaires are operated by two individual electric circuits. This allows the light intensity to be reduced by half if required.

“The knowledge and service I have received from Ushio are very important factors that will help me to ensure both the quality and quantity of my pepper production. With the help of HORTURION® lamps I would like to increase my yield”.

Yutaka Kobayashi,
Owner and Managing Director,
Salad Garden