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March 12th 2019

Ushio at LOPEC 2019

Ushio's in-house IR Application Laboratory

Ushio is exhibiting at the 2019 edition of LOPEC and will be bringing along the wealth of specialist knowledge and technical expertise at our disposal. While our industrial light sources cover the entire spectrum, from ultraviolet to infrared, we will be demonstrating the improved output quality for an infinite number of industrial practices, through the implementation of VUV excimer surface activation.

What is LOPEC?

An abbreviation of the “Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention”, LOPEC is the most important conference in the flexible electronics industry, bringing together born leaders and true innovators under one roof. This melting pot of talent allows industry professionals to share their new ideas, showcase current trends, and spark the growth that will shape the future. With industrial “decision-makers” reportedly forming 80% of attendees, and an emphasis on cultivating a climate primed for the establishment of new business partnerships, Ushio takes a vital role in this prestigious gathering of manufacturing movers and shakers.

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Why is excimer the future of surface activation?

With our European production base, Ushio Europe is able to promise high-quality products with an unprecedented level of customisation options. Our research and development of modular UV & IR technology has put us at the top of our field, but this time, we are bringing a particular set of devices to impress our current and future partners at LOPEC. The excimer lamp and modular solutions are the result of 30 years invested in research & development, and still, new application advances are being made constantly. A recent motivation of our research has been to enable printing of 3D electronics directly onto a pre-treated surface. This could have significant implications for products which are heavily reliant on weight reduction, such as those in the automotive and aviation industries.

Ushio_UV_Excimer_module_esthetic 3_LOW RES

Whether you are calibrating your equipment for the integration of ExciJet 172nm “building-block” modules, or are looking for the all-in-one lamp and housing system, Ushio will display the following capabilities to you:

For processes previously dominated by effective corona- and plasma-based devices, excimer offers bespoke solutions for laboratory or industrial usage. We take such pride in our work that we do not simply sell the product, but offer full technical support, even if you just want to experiment with different potential UV and IR options.

"Ushio Europe is able to promise high-quality products with an unprecedented level of customisation options"

Aside from learning about the remarkable research we are doing, it is imperative that you visit us if your company uses, or is considering the implementation of any of the following processes:

Why? Simply because our excimer does it best, evidenced by the Ushio Excimer Demonstrator performing on 20-21 March 2019, at Munich Trade Fair Centre, Hall B0, Stand 203.

20-21 March 2019
Munich Trade Fair Centre
Hall B0 – Stand 203

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