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Halogen reflector

September 18th 2017

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Halogen reflector

A halogen reflector lamp is used in different situations. Due to the bright light, this lamp is, for example, very suitable for executing inspections. In a dark environment where no other light sources are available, you can easily perform control activities using a practical halogen reflector lamp. This can be done either outdoors or, for example, in a dark basement or crawl space of a home.

"Ushio technology enables"

Always enough light with a halogen reflector

Halogen reflector lamps are also used in medical applications where the care provider needs sufficient light. Consider for example a dentist who must be able to see properly what he is doing when treating in the mouth. In operating rooms halogen reflector lamps are also present to help the surgeon and his team in conducting medical procedures. These halogen reflector lamps are produced by Ushio with great skill. You can order the lamps you need directly online.

Order a halogen reflector lamp or ask for more information

You can order one or more halogen reflector lamps now online. Would you like to know more about our products? Than you can contact our customer service in the Netherlands on the email address You can also call us at our telephone number +31 20 446 9333 .

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