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Warning: Increasing numbers of imitation USHIO lamps in circulation

June 2017

It has come to our attention that lamps are being falsely sold on the Internet under the Ushio name. In addition, an increasing number of suppliers claim to be offering lamps that are ‘equivalent’ in quality to Ushio products. This is simply not true. Ushio is, and has always been, committed to offering our customers the highest possible quality lighting products and solutions – a level of quality that is impossible for any other producer to attain.

Each of our lamps is the result of a rigorous and extensive product development process. After carefully determining the lighting specifications with a customer, we make sure that the product fully surpasses each and every technical and safety requirement. Strict quality standards are maintained in every stage of product development, testing and mass production trials. When a product finally reaches the production stage, every effort is made to ensure that each lamp meets our rigorous standards of quality that surpass even EU Health & Safety requirements. Furthermore, we work continuously to improve these standards with a management system that monitors the effectiveness of the entire process.

Therefore, we can say with complete confidence that any imitation lamps will inevitably be of a lower quality. Using these imitation lamps can result in damage to your equipment or physical injuries. They also might result in preventable health and environmental risks as, despite adhering to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive and other compliance labels, they could still contain illegal, hazardous materials.

The only way to protect yourself, your workers and your production process, is with a genuine Ushio product. If you would like to verify whether you are using an Ushio product or not, we will be happy to support you in identifying genuine Ushio lamps. It’s one of the other ways in which our imitators will also never be able to surpass us: customer support. We will be here for you whenever you need us. Just contact us via

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