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UX-4 Lithography Experts to Speak at Grenoble Summit on MEMS & Imaging Sensors

Ushio Inc. and Ushio Europe are happy to announce their involvement in the 2019 MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit. Taking place at the WTC World Trade Center in Grenoble, France, this annual event organised by SEMI is expected to build on the success of the previous year. As proud sponsors of this year’s summit, the Ushio Group would like to invite you to join us at booth 30 for an exclusive peek at the best lithography tools on the market from 25-27 September 2019.

As the industry association representing the global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, SEMI members convene each year to interact with each other and listen to the inspirational wisdom of some of the best in the business. Hot topics this year include the explosion of demand in transportation, medical, mobile, industrial, and other applications within the Internet of Things (IoT).

UX-4’s Full-Field Exposure Ensures Increased Quality and Lower Overheads

Ushio is the market leading manufacturer of full-field projection exposure lithography tools, with the UX-4 Series Aligner playing a significant role in the improved production of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), powerful LEDs, and power devices. Developed by the talented Japanese Ushio R&D team, UX-4 is equipped with a high quality lens for a large depth of field. Capable of full field wafer exposure of up to 200mm in diameter; UX-4 technology promotes a substantial improvement in productivity while significantly reducing the cost of manufacture. With an optical irradiation system developed in-house, a high degree of uniformity is ensured thanks to Ushio’s super high-pressure UV lamps (500W~35kW). Designed in collaboration with device manufacturers in response to their increasingly diverse needs, these UV lamps are highly acclaimed in the litho-patterning industry.

UX-4 Series Aligner Features

  • Mask-damage free: No mask-wafer contact throughout the treatment process.
  • Full-Field Projection: Entire surface is treated in one shot, unlike other systems which require multiple shots due to their ‘stepper’ technique.
  • Three Dimensional Exposure: Large depth of focus. High resolution treatment on both top and bottom of the step, unlike with proximity/contact aligners and steppers.
  • Thick-Film Resist Support: No mask-wafer sticking issues with thick-sticky resist. A problem long associated proximity and contact aligners.
  • Proximity Aligner Mask Diversion Possible: No special mask is required, own or customised contact aligner mask can be used.

Ushio UX-Series Statistics

UX-4 Full-Field Projection Aligner Series: Main Applications

    • MEMS
    • Crystal Oscillators
    • SAW filters
    • RF Devices
    • Sensors
    • Inkjet Heads
    • Diodes
    • IGBT
    • Power Semiconductors
    • Thyristors
    • MOS-FETs
    • LEDs
    • Power Amps
    • MMICs
    • BAW Filters
    • Acceleration Sensors
    • Inductors
    • Passive Components
    • Solar Cells and more







Tomomi Kurita shares insights from worldwide lithography experiences

The Ushio sponsored fourth session will be chaired by Dave Thomas, Senior Director for SPTS Technologies, and opened by Ushio’s Tomomi Kurita with a short presentation on photolithography for MEMS. Her talk begins at 14:00 on 26 September at the MEMS Track Auditorium of the World Trade Center. Six years into her career at Ushio, Ms Kurita was previously in charge of sales for UV curing systems and excimer lamp units in the competitive Asian market. After impressing in Japan, she expanded her portfolio by joining the photolithography sales team and has since been placed in charge of UX-4 Aligner client relations in Europe and western Japan. The Ushio Inc. representatives will be joined by Ushio Europe’s Matthew H.D. Chang and Job van der Heijden, to ensure that your needs can be met regardless of business location and schedule.

For more information about Ushio’s lithography solutions, feel free to contact us.

MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit 2019

Booth 30
Auditorium, WTC (World Trade Center), Grenoble, France
25-27 September 2019

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