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UV LED Modules

February 9th 2018

UV LED Modules

As world market leader in the field of specialist lighting with experience spanning over five decades, USHIO is embracing the growing demand for solid state lighting solutions and offers a vast array of products to satisfy a diverse and global market.

Furthermore, USHIO strives to offer total solutions to customers including consultation, expertise and assistance in choosing the correct solution and proving full modules for higher output, higher intensity, monochromatic radiation sources in the UV and bluish spectral range. USHIO offers UV LED modules available in various geometries and compositions. The modules are designed to be positioned next to each other for increased exposure area and to minimise a decrease in intensity of overlap.

Ultra-high intensity LED Modules

USHIO’s high power UV-LED modules are equipped with active air cooling systems and the ultra-high intensity module is equipped with a water-cooled system.
The modules are perfected for use in a variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • Adhesive curing
  • Ink Curing
  • Pinning
  • Material curing for 3D printing

For the full product specification, click here (EN) or (DE)
For further information, please contact ssl@ushio.eu

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