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Ushio Techno Fair 2018 – let’s create future of USHIO together!

USHIO employees around the world participated in the Ushio Group’s technological festival known as “Ushio Techno Fair 2018 (UTF 2018)” held over the course of 2 days from November 15 to 16 at the Harima Division, Ushio Inc.

UTF is a festival aimed at promoting technology exchanges among Ushio Group companies. This year’s event was organized under the theme “Create Future of USHIO.” In addition to the annual plenary sessions and poster exhibitions, “exhibition booth by departments” was newly established where participants introduced and explained their work and efforts of their own departments, projects, and teams. A proactive transmission of information led to a lively discussion on the work and fruitful communication among engineers, departments, and group companies.

UEBV presented “Excijet- Compact VUV test unit” and “PureRelease – small-scale UV water disinfection unit” as a poster exhibition, attracting attention from many USHIO employees.

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