Ushio Europe

USHIO: Ready to meet the demands of the growing global SSL (Solid State Lighting) market

The global SSL industry is experiencing increased demands especially for IR LED components serving an ever growing and opportunity-diverse market. Ushio, with its solid commitment to offering superior quality solutions to its customers, is ready to step up to the mark and meet the growing needs of the market.

Ushio currently offers in excess of 1,000 different IR LEDs within its portfolio with power outputs ranging between 1mW and 1.4W for single emitters and even higher outputs for components with multiple emitters and a variety of wavelengths, ranging from 750nm – 1650 nm. Solutions encompass all common packages including SMBB, EDC, S3B, stem type, TO-66, SMC, SMT, mold type and more including multiple wavelengths with the possibility to be housed within a single package.

Meeting the needs of customer demands is Ushio’s top priority and by supplying top quality components in a timely manner despite the recent surge in demand, Ushio continues to be a world leader in lighting solutions and expertise, and furthermore, a partner you can rely on time and time again.

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