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USHIO Europe is heavily investing into the future of speciality lighting: New factory opens in Poland


Ushio Europe is heavily investing into the future of speciality lighting – new factory opens in Poland

Pass, 20th October 2017 Ushio Poland officially opened the doors to its new factory in Pass, just outside of Warsaw last month. The new building has a production area of 5,000 square meters and dwarfs its predecessor which housed its production lines in just 2,000 square meters of space. It is home to a total of two production lines primarily manufacturing Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps as part of the TOPFLOOD and HORTURION series; both trademarks of and sold by BLV Licht-und Vakuumtechnik GmbH; a member of the Ushio Europe Group.

The investment signifies Ushio’s strong and dedicated commitment to the horticulture business. By the substantially increased production capacities, Ushio is prepared to meet the demands of the growing global market and to explore future potential within the sector. New farming technologies, including the growing trend toward urban farming and a professionalisation of the horticulture business outside of Europe offer a plethora of opportunity for the company.

In a bid for maximum efficiency and streamlined processes, the entire production is consolidated over just one floor space, facilitating optimal production conditions and further refining the logistics process. The new operation now enables even shorter delivery times to customers and greater efficiency overall. Furthermore, the new set-up and investment focuses heavily upon stringent quality control, spearheaded by a dedicated team to ensure premium quality is delivered to customers from the outset.

The factory opening was marked with a celebratory ceremony attended by Mr. Satoru Takahashi; General Council of the Japanese Embassy in Poland, Mr. Marek Ksiazek; Vice Mayor of Blonie City together with Mr. Kenji Hamashima; CEO and President of Ushio Inc., and Mr. Hiroshi Matsubara; CEO Ushio Europe. In total, around 200 guests attended the occasion.

Speaking of the pinnacle moment in Ushio Europe’s history, Mr. Hiroshi Matsubara, CEO Ushio Europe said, ‘I am delighted to have been joined by colleagues, partners and special guests in marking this momentous occasion for Ushio Europe Group by officially opening the doors to our new factory; a powerhouse of production and of the Ushio Europe and BLV-Licht brand. Looking forward, we endeavour to continue to supply our customers with the best quality speciality lighting solutions and foster solid and prosperous partnerships for many years to come.’

The new factory comes after a recent name change for the lighting manufacturer, previously known as Natrium since its inception in 1998. Initially established as a research and development department for an electric lamp manufacturing plant in Warsaw, it was relocated to its own premises in Blonie Pass, situated close to the site where it stands today – an excellent location in terms of accessibility and connection. After being acquired by BLV-Licht in 2006, Natrium was eventually renamed Ushio Poland on August 14, 2016.

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