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USHIO Europe B.V. celebrates its 30th anniversary

Ushio has earned its worldwide reputation by developing products that integrate state-of-the-art lighting technologies and designs with the specific application needs of industry-leading clients in a wide range of fields: from cinema projection, semiconductors and office automation, to biotechnology and medicine.

Ushio is an international corporation with Japanese roots. 2015 is a special, celebratory year, in which we passed a milestone. While Ushio Europe B.V. is marking its 30th anniversary, the Japanese mother company Ushio Inc. is celebrating its 50th.

All the company’s employees, both past and present, are proud to have been involved in a large number of ambitious projects, and to have experienced and benefited from contact with a large number of people and cultures. Thank you for being our valued customers. We are grateful to have been able to serve you and meet your needs.

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