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USHIO at EAO Congress, Satellite Symposium in Stockholm

Ushio introduced the next generation of implant therapy at the EAO congress in Stockholm.

Prof. Dr. Ogawa (UCLA), Prof. Dr. Att (University of Freiburg) and Dr. Funato (Nagisa Dental Clinic) gave a presentation about the future of photo functionalization.

The congress talked about a novel, holistic approach to various challenges in current implant dentistry, called photofunctionalization. Photofunctionalization involves a chairside, rapid conditioning of dental implants and other related components via UV light immediately before their use. Because photofunctionalization significantly improves the cell and tissue bio-compatibility of the materials, the spectrum of its application is not just limited to implants for better osseointegration and marginal bone stability; it also includes abutments and Ti mesh for better soft tissue seal and bone regeneration, respectively. Furthermore, recent studies uncovered an anti-bacterial property of photofunctionalized titanium surfaces, which is expected to be a novel strategy for preventing peri-implantitis.

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