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Beverage disinfection in the blink of an eye

Ushio announces its ‘PureRelease’: Beverage disinfection in the blink of an eye

Oude Meer, November 2017 Ushio has launched its new PureRelease; a revolutionary point of dispense UV disinfection beverage device at the cutting-edge of innovative technology. The device offers instantaneous disinfection, eliminating pathogens and waiting time. The PureRelease stands tall at the forefront of solution-driven design and incorporates a glistening array of features perfected for use in beverage purification technology. The PureRelease is able to expel rapidly disinfected water irrespective of water temperature, delivering the desired beverage, hot or cold, every time.

Say goodbye to the days of ‘warm-up’ time…

In comparison with other devices, the Ushio PureRelease is remarkable in its ability to achieve the most instant UV intensity, meaning that the user does no need to wait for the device to ‘warm-up’ before water treatment can begin, after which the beverage is disinfected in the time that it takes to blink an eye! The PureRelease is the ultimate solution for instant disinfection of small volumes of cold water at flows of currently up to 4 litres per minute. The device can be integrated within any point-of-use dispensing equipment such as bottle refill station, table top purifiers, pitchers, drink fountains, dispensers, taps, water coolers and under the sink purifiers.

Ultimate aesthetic versatility for OEMs with the most compact design yet

The compact design of the device means that where space is concerned, OEMs are afforded ultimate freedom when integrating the PureRelease into the end-product – without any compromise to stylistic design. The revolutionary device not only bestows aesthetic freedom, but is also greener and safer for the environment. The Ushio PureRelease is free from mercury and in terms of energy cost efficiency, the device is inexpensive to operate, running at a mere 40 cents per 10,000 litres of treated water. The highly intuitive design signals when a replacement is required, ensuring a constant disinfection quality of the beverage.

The next generation of beverage disinfection solutions

Andreas Schäfert, Technical Development Manager, said, “As the world market leader for speciality lighting solutions, Ushio is delighted to bring this cutting-edge technology to the forefront of existing water disinfection solutions. OEMs can now for the first time, be rest assured that their end-products are fitted with a device that is truly on their side – design wise and for peace of mind. The PureRelease is a smaller than ever compact design, free from harmful chemicals and is activated in a fraction of the time that it takes for other devices to warm-up. It’s safe to say that the PureRelease is truly the next generation of beverage disinfection solutions and Ushio is able to offer the device for a vast array of applications including dispensers and sink purifiers. Furthermore, Ushio is 100% committed to going one step further than simply providing a world-class product, our in-house knowledge and expertise are accomplished in working together with OEMs to create bespoke world-class solutions. Do you have an unusual application that would benefit from the PureRelease? Just try us!

As the global leader in speciality lighting, Ushio Europe Group is committed to superior quality, innovation and fostering unique collaborative customer partnerships in a bid to achieve world-class joint successes.

For more information regarding the PureRelease or how Ushio can work with you to create a bespoke solution, please contact our UV disinfection team (

Take a look at the PureRelease Video (English)

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