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Success Story Sunshower

How about a refreshing Sunshower? Ushio – our one-stop UV and IR lamp supplier.

Here is the Sunshower story.
Mixing water and electricity can be shocking. But the developers of Sunshower have brought together infrared heating, UV light therapy and getting a daily dose of vitamin D all during the time it takes to shower. Managing Director Merijn Wegdam shares his story on how the Sunshower idea was born and how the technology and design are opening up a new at-home market in health and wellness.

Wet and cloudy Netherlands is a country with very short bursts of sun exposure, especially in the dark winter months. When Merijn Wegdam was a student on a budget, he was always  searching for a faster, better way to look healthy. Instead of going to the sun studio, he bought a simple facial tanning unit for home. Convenient and very easy to operate, the thought.

Students should spend time studying, not tanning. Merlijn knew that. He was and still is one of those entrepreneurial thinkers whose brain is racing and full of ideas. “In perhaps not the brightest move, I decided to disconnect the timer on the self tanner and mount it over my bed to tan my face while sleeping.”
The sleep-and-tan plan worked out perfectly until one morning when the alarm did not wake him up. The modified self tanner did not switch off and Merijn burned in his face. To cool down, he jumped under the shower for relief.

“The cool water on my face got me thinking and sparked an even better, safer idea. Why not combine at-home, self tanning and a daily dose of vitamin D with shower time?” Without the silly sleep-and-tan accident, Merlijn would not have thought of the shower and tan idea – Sunshower.

Finding a light source

After sharing the shower tanning idea with his study buddy Oscar, they started developing a working unit. “The biggest obstacle was safely combining electricity and water at the same time. For the specialized lighting source, we tried many types of lamps and many companies until we found Ushio.” Together, the students and Ushio developed an even better tailor-made lamp. Along the way, Sunshower became more than just a shower tanner. The lamps also provide an indoor light source for generating Vitamin D and UV light therapy for wellbeing.

“Ushio was willing to work with us and had the know-how to solve several technical issues. They were able to produce a waterproof lamp unit with the right intensity of heat for tanning and an internal cooling system to keep the unit cool to the touch while showering. The technical support and advice from Ushio was invaluable and just what was needed to get the idea out of my head and into the bathroom.”

Fountain of knowledge

After more testing and feedback from customers, more lamps were developed in vertical positions for the shower and horizontal position for the bath. The improved benefits of Sunshower will be mostly targeted to active older people who may have pain, health issues, lack of vitamin D or rheumatism. Sunshower products are being sold in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK. Merijn Wegdam is Managing Director at Sunshower and is proud of the increased benefits to the end product.

“Without delay, we have started production in the Netherlands. Ushio helped us deliver a professional, well-designed unit to the market on time. Together we have produced a safe, quality product that has benefits for health and wellbeing. Ushio has been a fountain of knowledge and a source of positive energy during the complete project period.”

Product benefits: Why Sunshower?

  • Sunshower is used while taking a shower to provide a safe, healthy dose of UV light
  • UV light stimulates the generation of vitamin D
  • UV light makes you more energetic and gives you a healthy tan
  • Infrared light relaxes, stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain
  • Sunshower’s lamps release more UVB radiation than a mainstream tanning bed
  • Medical research has proven that a low dose has positive effects and does not damage the skin

About the lamps and light:

  • Sunshower has two functions: IR light and UV light
  • Lamps used are Ushio IR lamps / UV lamps
  • UV lamps release UVA as well as UVB radiation


From Ushio’s foundation in 1964 we have gained global recognition through unique innovation in lamps. You can always find the ideal lamp in the extensive Ushio product range.

Photo: Sunshower
Photo: Merijn Wegdam, Managing Director Sunshower


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