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Stage spot lights

October 17th 2017

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Lights off, spot on: stage spot lights

Setting the right focus on stage is crucial for entertainment success. Whether the size of your stage is large or small, you are always in need of at least one stage spot light. At Ushio we offer you a wide variety of high quality spot lights. Our UXL and HPL lighting series are worldwide installed on countless stages for theatre, concerts, dance events and many other performances. Our aim is to utilize the power of light to make the entertainment processes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

"Ushio technology enables"

Selective visibility on stage

While directing a theatre play for example, you want to be able to influence what your audience is able to see on stage. In certain scenes you want to draw the attention of the viewers by positioning the actor in the spot light, simultaneously distracting the audience from other stage areas. The same goes for a guitar solo in a concert for instance. Stage lighting is used for the total composition of your production. Both focus and setting the right lighting tone of the scenery are essential.

Ushio UXL and HPL series

The UXL and HPL lighting series of Ushio are the most well-known series for stage spot lights. Our halogen single ended lamps for example, are very popular due to their high color temperature and stability. They have a compact radiation source and various connectors. Also Xenon Short Arc High Wattage creates the perfect spot lighting on your stage. Xenon light offer a unique combination of high quality and outstanding performance.

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