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Stage lighting

August 17th 2017

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High quality stage lighting

As a renowned light solution company, Ushio offers its high quality services worldwide. We master the art of ultimate stage lighting like nobody else. No matter the size of your stage, our lighting rigs for entertainment purposes maximize the atmospheric effects. Selective visibility, alteration of time and space, focus, projection: everything is possible. Our halogen lamps are compact, easily installed and they guarantee a long lifespan with a high luminous output per Watt. We guarantee your desired lighting effect for successful entertainment everywhere. Our stage lighting solutions are most effective while taking sustainability into account. Ushio utilizes light to make the illumination processes environmentally friendly.

"Ushio technology enables"

Spot lighting

One of the most popular stage lighting types is spot lighting. Spots are used to create focus and to direct the attention of the audience to a particular area on the stage. Also, spot lighting is sometimes used to actually distract the audience’s attention from certain stage areas, for example in magic shows or theatre productions. The Ushio halogen single ended lamps are ideally used for spot lighting, due to their high color temperature and stability. Next to the Ushio halogen single ended lamps, also the Xenon Short Arc Low Wattage and the Xenon Short Arc High Wattage will perfectly illuminate your stage areas as desired.

Stage scenery

Ushio stage lighting may also be used to create or project a certain type of scenery. In addition you might want to set a particular tone in this scene. The Ushio halogen double ended lamps are ideally applied for these entertainment purposes. Besides theatre productions these lamps are also well suited for concerts, dance events and discotheques. They are usually combined with the Ushio halogen reflector lamps. Our reflector lamps create an intense illumination.

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