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New UV technology for water purification at POD PureRelease

USHIO’s PureRelease is the new standard in the industry for disinfection solutions in drink/water dispensers, providing clean water in an instant, independent of water temperature.

PureRelease solutions have been designed to make it easier for OEM’s to integrate disinfection as close as possible to the dispensing outlet, disinfecting water just before it’s served.

Here are some more reasons:

  • Freshness: cold water stays cold.
  • Worry-free: PureRelease is designed to disinfect 10,000 liters of water and will signal when replacement is required.
  • Almost zero energy cost: only switches on when
    water is flowing, so energy costs are around 40 cents for 10,000 liter! (calculated at 0.20 EUR kWh).
  • A sustainable choice: contains no mercury, and fulfills ROHS requirements.
  • Reliable disinfection: PureRelease has been designed to continously exceed the minimum required disinfection level as agreed with the customer.
    During production there is a stringent quality control, to ensure that all products meet their requirements.

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Ushio PureRelease – English

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