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iRED (Infrared Light Emitting Diodes)

IRED (Infrared Light Emitting Diodes)

Wavelength: UV 365nm ~ IR 1,650nm
Power: High 1,400mW class ~ Low 1mW class

All wavelengths in the UV (ultraviolet), visible and IR (infrared) spectra between 365nm and 1,650nm can be offered.

  • Models supporting all output ranges from low power to high power
  • Wide-ranging packages to choose from to best suit your optical design

We can also propose combination products in addition to LEDs and photo-sensors. High output is achieved through the use of the unique domed-chip formation technology. And an excellent beam shape is provided by precision lens (package) design technology. Enable a suitable product selection as the light source for NC machine tools, robots, ophthalmoscopes and position detection equipment.

Thanks to USHIO’s custom-made technologies based on Chip Technologies (as Design, Epitaxial Growth, Device Process) and Packaging Technologies(as Optics Design, Thermal Management), we can supply strong “ Application supports ”collaboration with customer from start of Product Development.

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