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Halogen Single ended

Halogen Lamps – Single Ended

Our halogen single ended lamps are mostly applied where spot lighting is required, such as in analysis or measurement processes in the medical or scientific sectors. They are also the ideal solution for photography, stage, and studio lighting due to their high colour temperature and stability.


  • Medical – Analysis
  • Scientific –  Measurement & Analysis
  • SSTV/Entertainment


  • Compact radiation source
  • Various connectors

Especially for

  • Price-sensitive optical fibre solutions
  • Rapid heating in semiconductor industry
  • HPL+ Ceramic lamps are designed for use with ETC Source Four theatre and stage lighting fixtures

Click here to learn more about USHIO HPL+ Ceramic lamps for ETC Source Four lighting fixtures

Read about how our halogen lights performed in the testing of ESA’s JUICE satellite mission

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