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Ultraviolet C (UV-C) is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) occupying the wavelength range from approximately 100 – 280 nanometres (nm). The most common UV-C wavelengths used in industry are in the 200 – 280 nm range. UV radiation is invisible to the naked eye due to its short wavelength and high frequency, which human brains are unable to perceive as an image. High-energy UVradiation is regularly involved in disinfection, water purification, and curing. Naturally occurring UV-C rays do not reach the surface of our planet due to the filtration effect of oxygen and ozone within the atmosphere of our planet.

Ushio is the premier manufacturer of customisable UV lamps and a leading expert in the field of industrial light application; having spent over 55 years developing our cutting edge technology and tailoring it to the needs of each unique client. With a legendary commitment to quality and flexibility, Ushio remains unsurpassed as the world leading manufacturer of specialist lighting solutions since our foundation in Tokyo, 1964.

In our experience, each application requires a varying degree of UV treatment, but a single solution may not necessarily maintain a high level of effectiveness in all environments. That is why Ushio does not simply ship out mass produced UV solutions. The specially trained engineers at Ushio’s European production facilities, in Germany and Poland, devise, build, and test each device with a unique design for each client. This ethos results in lamps which perfectly align with your requirements every time you place an order. Alongside our proprietary lamps, we can provide you with complete industrial systems which can optionally include lamp housings, extra UV modules, power supplies, and electrics for different processes and applications.

Customisable ultraviolet (UV) lamp construction from Ushio Europe

Uniquely attuned to your requirements

In order to attain a consistently high quality output for your application, there are several key factors which must be considered when designing and manufacturing an industrial UV-C lamp. The diagram above illustrates a typical UV lamp and the design features which Ushio can customise in order to provide you with the most effective application solution.

USHIO UV lamps have been implemented in CIPP & duct relining and trenchless technology solutions by OEM manufacturers
UV-C can be utilised in many applications, including duct relining and pipe maintenance
Ushio Care222®PlanUndLicht Concept
Ushio's far UV-C Care222® lamps can be integrated as a component into OEM luminaires to create a device which can simultaneously disinfect and illuminate environments
USHIO_UV_lamp_mid_pressure_lamp_DE_6_824039602_LOW RES
An example of Ushio's long arc medium pressure UV lamps

The Ushio UV-C advantage

  • High radiation intensity across the desired spectral range
  • Short irradiation and exposure duration required
  • Different arc lengths available, both long and short
  • Radiation efficiency optimised with high quality reflectors
  • All lamps produced in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Your Wish Is Our Command

  • Plug-and-play for super-fast lamp exchange
  • Reaches full power in 3 – 5 seconds (up to 1 kW)
  • Simultaneous power connection and secure mounting
  • Pinched seals reduce unit size; maintain arc length
  • Standard, synthetic, or ozone-free quartz types
  • Emitters doped with gallium, iron, etc. are available
  • Standard flying leads, plug-in, rectangular, and axially mounted contact connections are available on request

Ushio UV customisable features

  • Any lamp length available, up to 2,500 mm
  • Arc lengths between 15 mm and 2,300 mm
  • Quartz tube diameter variants from 13 mm to 45 mm
  • Optional tube coatings incl. platinum, gold, zirconium
  • Endless possibilities for customised base design

Customised lamp construction

We offer a large variety of common lamp bases, however Ushio’s UV technical development team is on standby to design bases on request for seamless integration into your existing or newly designed systems. The majority of Ushio lamp bases are formed from ceramic due to its excellent corrosion resistance; although metal bases are available should they fit your requirements.


Depending on the power rating and size of the machine housing your UV emitter, you may select from our range of connections to suit all situations. Alongside our standard and axially mounted ceramic connections featuring flying leads, Ushio produces various types of plug-in and axially mounted contact pins which can be selected to ensure the optimal power feed for your lamp. These include our rectangular pin plug for pinch sealed lamps, and axially mounted contact pins. If required, our engineers can even design a tailor-made connection for you.

Glass Tube

  • Standard Quartz – Produces ozone, useful for surface activation but requires an exhaust system. Reaches ≥80% transmission down to approximately 210 nm.
  • Synthetic Quartz – Implemented to achieve the highest possible UV-C output, UV lamps fitted with synthetic quartz can reach 60% transmission at approximately 160 nm.


With a broad range of applications occupying different areas of the ultraviolet spectrum, it is possible to enhance certain wavelengths with the introduction of a doping element. Once your chosen wavelength is agreed upon, our experts may recommend a UV-C lamp imbued with additional metal halides to achieve the optimal output. The most common substances added to our lamps are iron (Fe) and gallium (Ga).

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